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Author: Canadian Diva

Journey back into the Cretacious period on this mint green, three horned, prehistoric herbivore.

Close your eyes, feel the breeze as you glide up and down through the air. It feels exactly like the famous DUMBO THE FLYING ELEPHANT ride in Magic Kingdom without the nolstagia. A mid-way ride that spins around at a fast to moderate speed. Riders can use the controls to maneuveur themselves up and down while they spin.

TriceraTop Spin is a fun ride located in Dinoland U.S.A. inside Animal Kingdom. A place for your child to have a bit of mid-way fun. A break away from the jungles and animals which engulfs the rest of the park.

WDW Diva warns here, that if you are prone to motion sickness, this ride is defeinitly not for you. This is a slow loading ride and wait lines can get long.

If you had your heart set on riding DUMBO or even the MAGIC CARPETS OF ALADDIN in Magic Kingdom and were not able to, just head over to Animal Kingdom. Ride on TriceraTop Spin, close your eyes and enjoy.

Scream Factor: None