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IMG_5535-XLBy D’land Diva

Oh, but what would the world be without Lego? Surely, my floor would be a lot neater and my toes a lot happier because I would not be constantly stepping on them. But, Legos are simply my five year old’s favorite thing to play with. I love to sit with him and build and create, too. Around the time of his fifth birthday, my husband also pulled out his stack of Legos from when he was a kid. I thought my son would explode from happiness.

So, it goes without saying, that the Lego store is one of the D’land Diva family’s favorite shops in Downtown Disney at Disneyland. We have frequented the shop for years now, and were never more happy when they re-designed the space back in 2012. IMG_5536-XL

This particular store is the second largest Lego store ever (guess what the first largest store is? Yup, Downtown Disney Orlando). The re-design took this store from simply shelves of toys to buy and cool displays, to a more interactive environment. There is an entire wall, top to bottom called the Pick-a-Brick wall. Yes, your child (or you!) can fill a box with the colors and sizes and shapes of Legos they want. There are also plenty of Lego sets to purchase, including the favorite Star Wars and Legends of CHIMA sets.  Beyond just the purchases, kids have plenty of opportunity to test out the merchandise. There are interactive displays and tables set up for play. Outside the store is an outstanding set up where kids (and adults!) can build and also engage in some Lego car races.

Perhaps the coolest part of the store re-design is the glass enclosed second story. This room can be reserved for private events and birthday parties and we decided to have my son’s birthday party here last summer. For about the same price as most of the other party places (aka Chuck-E and the bowling alley, your child can have a birthday party with his friends in the glass room. Kids can play at several different tables, and at our party, they designed the ultimate vehicle. After the design, the kids were given a box to go pick their own Legos from the Pick-a-Brick wall to take home with them. The birthday boy got an extra big box with more selections (aka wheels!). Needless to say, my son thought it was the best birthday party ever.

This Lego store, like other Lego stores, also has the monthly builds, workshops and Lego Club Meetings. Diva Tips: Get there early for the monthly builds. Spots fill up fast! Also, check the website or ask about special deals they may have going on. For example, in January and February, there was a free Lego movie poster with each purchase. 

The Lego Store is open on Sunday through Thursday from 10 am to 10 pm. Friday and Saturday the hours are 10 am to 11 pm.  The store’s website can be found here.

Diva Tips: Use your Disneyland Annual Pass to get a discount on merchandise. Also, it pays to get a Lego club card. The card gives you credit for the purchases that you make. 

Have fun building!