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Tortilla Jo’s- Downtown Disney

By: InspireDiva

I really love Mexican food (especially tacos and burritos they are my favorites)… but I am not going to talk about that today because I didn’t eat them. What I did eat was chips and guacamole and in my book that comes in a close and resounding 2nd.

Tortilla Jo’s is a beautiful restaurant inside and out, but my favorite place to eat there is outside on the patio because:


1.   I absolutely love palm trees and they have some gorgeous ones right there.

2.   The weather is almost always beautiful, so why not enjoy it.

3.   The people watching, one of my all-time favorite things to do.


We have now been here three times, the first time we ordered just the guac and I fell in love. The guacamole is made right there in front of you at your table and to your liking, tomatoes, onion, lime, salt, jalapenos. Add more or less until it is just the way you like it. Which is one of the reasons it is so good.

Diva Tip:

These tortilla chips are gluten free. Which was an enormous relief because I had only recently found out about my gluten allergy the last time we went. I would have been devastated.

We easily fed three adults from this and the chips and salsa that they bring to your table. My son loves tacos, but not guac, so we generally order him something different generally the kids meal tacos. (Which he quickly devours.) The second time we ordered just the guac again but with kids meals for both kids.


This last time we went me and my daughter had literally been daydreaming about that guac (yes, it is that good) and we ended up there on a non-Disney day. We were starving and had finished off the chips and salsa while my hubby was in the bathroom and we were waiting for the waitress to come and make our daydreams come true. (Don’t worry she did.) We scarfed them down so fast that my husband came back to an empty bowl and the two of us looking slightly sheepish. Luckily for him they soon came back with refills.

Since we were starving we decided to order something more this last time. Quite honestly I don’t remember what it was other than it was steak and that it was delicious. The made to order guacamole was definitely the stand out for us.





















Diva Tip:

20140407_123354Every time we have been here we have had someone come to our table and offer to make us balloon animals. (They do this for tips only) We end up getting them every time. This last time my son received a Stitch and my daughter a balloon bracelet with Squirt from Finding Nemo on it. It was adorable!

We love going to this restaurant and it has become one of must eats when we go to Disneyland. I hope that you stop in and try it. Especially the made to order guacamole, if you like guac it will be completely worth your while. You could soon be daydreaming about it too. They don’t disappoint.