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The Fountain View Ice-cream Parlour

Author: British Diva
During your visit to EPCOT be sure to make time for a gelato interval at the Fountain View Ice-cream Parlour.  
It couldn’t be easier to find this perfectly sited frosty stop; it’s right by the Fountain of Nations in Innoventions PlazaFuture World.  On a really hot sunny Florida day you can opt to eat your iced ambrosia inside the parlour; sat up at the bar, or you could wander outside and marvel at the magical and every 15 minutes musical fountain; catching a gentle cooling mist of spray as you do…….
There is an abundance of choice in hand scooped ice-cream flavours and many ways in which to enjoy them; both regular and waffle cones, sundaes served in waffle bowls, ice-cream sandwiches & soda floats – all far tastier than a plain old 99! Did I mention that all the waffle cones are made on site?  The smell is mouthwateringly good.
And if ice-cream doesn’t float your boat, you can of course partake of soft fizzy drinks, fruit smoothies, water, tea and coffee.  
Ice-creams all round!
So when your little darlings all scream for ice-cream, make headway to the Fountain View; a feast for all your senses!