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By Pink Diva

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The Lion Guard Adventure Guide

The Lion Guard is Disney Junior’s newest show for little ones.  It follows Kion, Simba’s son as he finds himself the leader of The Lion Guard-the protectors of the Pride Lands and Circle of Life.  Kion and his crew: Ono, Bunga, Beshte and Fuli each have a special talent that helps them through any situation.

Until early April, you can participate in the  The Lion Guard Adventure in Animal Kingdom and become part of the Lion Guard.  This is a great activity for the pre-school bunch.  You pick up a free map, take your picture by the Lion Guard characters, and get your Lion Guard button at Rafiki’s Planet Watch.

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Checking out the map

While this activity is fun and you can do it while you naturally tour the park, it will take a little planning.  You are supposed to end up at Rafiki’s Planet Watch to get your official Lion Guard Picture and Badge (button).  Rafiki’s Planet Watch closes earlier than the park, so you really need to keep an eye on time.  However, you can start there if you want.  They don’t check to see that you took a picture with all the characters, so making sure you have the button and picture while you are in Africa is a good idea.  (Click Here  to check out Rafiki’s Planet Watch)

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You can pick up a free map at any of these locations:

  • Outpost Shop (near Oasis, at theme park entrance)
  • Island Mercantile (near Tree of Life, on Discovery Island)
  • Maharajah Cart (near Maharajah Jungle Trek, in Asia)
  • Mariya’s Souvenirs (near Festival of the Lion King, in Africa)
  • Mombasa Marketplace (near Tusker House, in Africa)
  • Rafiki’s Planet Watch (near Conservation Station, via Wildlife Express Train)

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Ideally, you will pick up your Lion Guard Adventure map at the Outpost Shop on your way in.  Then you will head towards The Island Mercantile to find Ono.  After that head over to Africa and locate Beshte, Fuli, and Kion.  Once you take your picture with those four you need to head over to Asia and find Bunga.  Once you find all five, head over to Rafiki’s Planet Watch (before it closes!) and get your hard-earned badge.

However, it probably won’t go like that.   You probably have FastPasses scheduled, dining preferences, and want to see what the whole park has to offer.  While this adventure is fun, do your research and incorporate it into your day.  With Rafiki’s Planet Watch closing earlier than the park you really want to make sure you get back there and get your button.  You can always start at Rafiki’s Planet Watch and find the characters as you make your way through the park.  It’s designed to be a fun, easy thing for little kids to enjoy.

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It was very busy when we went.   And it’s only going to get busier with spring break season approaching.  The best tip I can give you when doing the Lion Guard Adventure is to plan this into your day, not your day into the scavenger hunt.  Little kids will love seeing the Lion Guard characters throughout the park.  They will love getting the button at Rafiki’s Planet Watch.  Enjoy the park, enjoy the hunt and be brave, fast and strong!


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Saying the Lion Guard Pledge

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The Badge/Button


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My Fierce new member of the Lion Guard



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