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The Matterhorn view from Tomorrow Land.

The Matterhorn view from Tomorrow Land.

By: Inspire Diva

Climbing into a bobsled that launches you onto a wild ride around a snow covered mountain while narrowly escaping the clutches of the abominable snowman… Sounds like a blast right?

Well… I don’t think so but we’ll get to my reasons shortly.

Disneyland is a place of imagination, wonder, excitement and fun. You get an experience in every land. As you wander through each one you feel as if you are experiencing a new adventure. Disney does not skimp on the details.

This ride is no exception. The Matterhorn is meant to be attention grabbing. In fact, you can see the mountain from all over the park. Disney has even hired mountain climbers to scale the mountain during the day. You can see them as they wave down at you and all of the other Disney fans while you listen to music and can even hear yodeling occasionally. I thought this was adorable and it really puts you in the mood to go on this ride.

Diva Tip:

This ride does not have a fast pass and the line often goes ALL the way around the mountain with an average wait time of 30-45 minutes. The height requirement is 42” and they offer a ride switch pass (which is a pass that allows you to go on the ride while whoever you’re with waits with your child then when you get off the ride you then wait with you child while they enjoy the ride without having to wait again.) I give this ride a 7 out of 10 on the Scream scale. This ride has “small drops” and goes from light to dark quickly. It is also cold, which is just one of many small details that make this ride a crowd favorite. Also, if you have young children that are tall enough to go on this ride or maybe if they are just jumpy (like my 16 year old) warn them about the abominable snowman he does kind of jump out and startle you.

Now that you are ready to go on the ride, you climb into a cute little bobsled and get sent off for your next Disneyland adventure.  THIS IS WHERE IT ALL GOES WRONG!!! From the moment you go down that first hill it is like you’re the ball in a pinball machine except that you’re confined to the bobsled of horror. You’re banging and bouncing around in an incredibly uncomfortable seat as you race down hills and around turns! While I am on this ride all I say is OWWW over and over again. It literally hurts every part of my body!  When I get off I feel bruised! (I have to take 4 ibuprofen and a muscle relaxant if I go on this ride. It can take me out for the rest of the day.) My 16 year old daughter also thinks that this ride hurts, she however recovers more quickly than me.

The fam waiting in line to board The Matterhorn Bobsleds.

Diva Tip:

My husband and son (who is 12) both love this ride, so we often separate while they go and enjoy it. We usually avoid this form of torture by visiting Pixie Hollow or dropping in on Rapunzel (This is now where you visit Anna and Elsa from Frozen) while we wait. This is one of the great ways we keep the peace while at Disney because they both think it is torture to stand in line for 45 minutes to see a princess.

As I have stated I don’t like this ride and neither does my daughter we both rate it as our least favorite ride at Disneyland. I think it is awful. My husband and son however rate it as their 3rd favorite. They truly have a blast while riding it! While I do have some back and neck issues I want you to know that I can ride many other thrill rides at Disneyland without problems including Space Mountain and Indiana Jones. (Big Thunder Mountain has been closed the last 2 times we went so I haven’t been on it in 2+ years so my memory is a little fuzzy on my experience.)

Diva Tip:

My final piece of advice is this if you have a sensitive back or neck DO NOT go on this ride. It is not worth it, you could possibly be miserable for the rest of your trip. To be quite honest I almost always talk myself into going on this ride on the first day of our trip (even though I know the consequences) and I ALWAYS regret it! Because you can get what I call Disney brain, and you conveniently forget all of the consequences that you experienced the last time you came. You get to Disney and you want to experience everything and you want to have that experience with your family. You want to make memories and enjoy all of the excitement and wonder. But that can quickly change into annoyance and frustration when you’re in pain (I have been there) so make those memories happy ones by knowing your limitations and following them.


What is your experience on the Matterhorn Bobsleds at Disneyland? How would you rate it? Let us know we would love to hear your feedback!