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By: InspireDiva

Since I was a little girl one of my all-time favorite rides at Disneyland has been Peter Pan’s Flight. It seems that I have passed this on to my children, who sometimes want to go on the ride more than I do!

The ride is located in Fantasyland and is one of the first rides that you find after you walk through Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. You start the ride outside with a Big Ben sighting and you listen to the music from the movie as you wait in the queue.



Diva Tip:

The queue for this ride is one of the longest in Fantasyland 30-45 minutes easy. Try to catch it either early when the park opens or later right before closing to avoid longer wait times. The wait honestly doesn’t deter our family, we happily wait in line to experience the magical adventure this ride takes you on. We usually ride it at least two times each day that we are there. We truly love it!


Now about the ride itself. You start off by climbing into your very own pirate ship (2 at a time) and then here we go off to Neverland… Actually, the ride starts out in the nursery just like in the movie and then you follow the journey that Peter takes Wendy, John, and Michael on. They take flight over London and head for the second star to the right and straight on until morning. When you arrive in Neverland you get to take in all of its beauty from the Indian camp to Mermaid Lagoon.

You start off aboard Captain Hook’s ship as he makes Wendy walk the plank. Then you jump over to see Hook and Peter in a sword fight aboard Hook’s ship. You continue your journey as you meet the Indian Chief and some of his tribe.


Disney Tip                                                                                                                                                                                           

This ride is mostly in the dark so if you have little one who gets scared give them some warning so that they aren’t surprised. You can also prepare them by watching YouTube videos. Most of them are a bit hard to make out but it should give them a general idea.


As you continue your adventure, you see Peter steering the ship and as Tinkerbell prepares it for flight to take the children home. You also see Tiger Lily in the cave about to be rescued and Hook just escaping the clutches of his arch nemesis the crocodile. You fly past Mermaid Lagoon (see if you can see Ariel) as you see Hook’s ship take flight all a glow from Tink’s pixie dust as they make the flight by home to London.

Sadly now the ride is over and as much as you wish you could continue taking adventures with Peter and his Lost Boys you are now back in the real world. Oh wait no you’re not! You are at Disneyland and your next adventure is waiting just around the corner.


Disney Tip

This ride has a scream factor of 1 out of 5 mostly because it is in the dark and that can be really scary for small children. This ride is wheelchair accessible but you must transfer into the ride. They also offer hand held captioning. Children under 7 must have a chaperon that is 14 years or older.