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Fantasmic Diva

104_0034-Version-2-300x225Everyone always takes in the sights and flavors of Walt Disney World, but have you ever stopped to take in the smells? There are certain places that if you take a deep breath in, you will smell one of the many smells unique to the WDW resort. Some are obvious and some are not. There are ones that you can only smell at the holidays, like the cookie smell being pumped onto Main Street USA during the Christmas parties, but these ones are all year round! Here’s my list of the distinctive sounds of Walt Disney World!

10. The smell of the steam train on Main Street USA: You can smell it from the front entrance, you can smell the real steam power of the train before you even get up to the station. Walt would never have allowed the park to use anything other than a legitimate steam engine and to someone who lives in Orlando, this is one of the ways I know I am at the Magic Kingdom! Also…it tends to cover up the occasional weird smell coming off the Seven Seas Lagoon.

9. The smell of the popcorn and cotton candy of the Confectionery: It really is piped out of the Confectionery! There’s no way to escape the smell! It really helps transport you to the magic of the turn of the century Main Street. There is nothing like eating cotton candy or popcorn while walking down Main Street towards the castle to make you feel like the kid that we all are!

8. The water on Pirates of the Caribbean: I don’t know how to explain how it smells and I probably don’t want to know what makes it smell that way, but it always smells the same. In normal circumstances, it would be bad…but it smells perfect for the attraction, if it ever lost that smell…I’d be incredibly sad.

7. The smell of the champagne and blue berry pie in Mickey’s Philharmagic: During the Be Our Guest and A Whole New World segments of Mickey’s Philharmagic there are bursts of fragrance to surround you with Disney magic and place you at the heart of the experience! It smells so good! You may not be able to keep your eyes open while the champagne corks are popped but you will certainly be able to smell it!

6. The smell of the fireworks at Fantasmic and Wishes: There’s the smell of fireworks and then there is the smell of Disney fireworks. The smell of the sulfur and copper fill the air surrounding the Magic Kingdom Castle and the Hollywood Hills Amphitheater when the fireworks go off and that’s how you know the spectacular has ended and the stampede of people will now begin!  Bonus: If you take a deep breath right when Chernobog appears on the water during Fantasmic, you may be able to smell the kerosene pumps being turned on for the fire effects of Maleficent!

5. The smell of the water of The Three Caballeros: Each water based Disney attraction has its own smell…but this one has by far the most indoor pool-ish smell, there must be a lot of chlorine in the water.

4. The smell of the sea water, orange groves and pine forests of Soarin’: Enough said…it’s the greatest set of smells in the parks. I wish I could spray it in my house as air freshener. Regular store versions of these scents simply won’t do. I need these scents in my car, in my house, everywhere!!

3. The smell of the chili dog belch in Stitch’s Great Escape: Look, it’s gross, it makes me never want to eat a chili dog again, I just don’t want to talk about it. It kills the attraction, which could be really cute.

2. The smell of Leila perfume coming from Norway: It’s a beautiful perfume smell, I hope to purchase a bottle of it some day. You can begin to smell it as you approach the pavilion in the World Showcase, or you can smell it on someone who has been to the pavilion that day.

1. The smell of turkey legs in Frontierland: They smell like ham and I don’t really know why, but every time I am in Adventureland, I am tempted to buy one even though I know I can’t finish it to save my life…but my Dad can! They smell so good and you can smell them from Adventureland and Liberty Square.

My Tip to you is to take a deep breath…you might smell the roses of the Flower and Garden Festival, the food of the Food and Wine Festival or one of these iconic WDW smells! Have a fantasmic day!

BONUS SCENT–take a deep breath inside Tower of Terror sometime…it smells like it hasn’t had a good cleaning since 1939…oh wait…