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By D’land Diva

If you are visiting the Disneyland Resort during the holidays, you are in for a special treat. Most of the lands are specially decorated for the holidays, and the decorations reflect the theme of that land. For example, in Frontierland there is simple pine garland and red bows. In Cars Land, there are Christmas trees with tire decorations and cone garland.

Every year, the D’land Diva family takes a family Christmas picture at the Disneyland Resort. Over the years it is fun to see how our family and the resort itself have changed. We like to use our pictures on our Christmas cards.

So, if you are visiting the Disneyland Resort this holiday season, why not check out these five sites and take a special holiday picture of your family?

1) Main Street, U.S.A

The main draw on Main Street is the large Christmas tree that sits smack dab in the middle of Main Street, U.S.A. It is a gloriously decorated, tall tree. There are also beautifully decorated lamp posts and Mickey shaped garland that drape across the buildings. If you are careful, you can get a picture with the garland that hangs high between the buildings of Main Street and the winter themed castle at the end of Main Street.

2) The Castle

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle gets a make over for the holidays. It is draped in white snow and icicles. At night, the colors are especially spectacular. I would recommend waiting until the evening for your family picture, but even during the daytime, it is a great place to take a picture.

3) Court de Anges (Court of the Angels) in New Orleans Square

This hidden gem is located in a small area behind the intersection of Royal Street and Orleans Street in New Orleans Square. It is usually very quiet, but at holiday time, it is filled with holiday items for sale. That being said, it also has a spectacular staircase which is covered in garland and bulbs that make a wonderful setting for a holiday picture. Diva Tip: This is especially a great picture location for a large family, as you can stagger yourselves up and down the staircase!

4) Jingle Jangle Jamboree in Big Thunder Ranch

Over the past few years, Disneyland has been perfecting its holiday offerings. The Jingle Jangle Jamboree in Big Thunder Ranch has been expanded this year to include crafts, special performances by Billy Hill and the Hillbillies (holiday style), characters dressed up in holiday costume and of course, Santa! The opportunity for family pictures here is plenty. We like to take pictures inside one of the little cabins in the Ranch, which is nicely decorated with a Christmas tree and garland (this is where Santa used to be). We also like to take pictures with the characters, in a cute little sleigh that sits just outside the ranch gates, and every year we take our Santa pictures with the kids here.

5) Cars Land in California Adventure

This year the D’land Diva family has a new favorite place to capture that perfect holiday picture- Cars Land. It is elaborately decorated, from lights on top of the stores, to tire trees and hubcap garland. It looks even better at night! Our favorite place is in front of the specially decorated trees or the neon lights with the garland in the background.

Happy Holidays everyone!