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Princess Diva
We all know that one of everybody’s favorite things to do on a Disney vacation is eat…and we all know Disney calories don’t really count!  (Don’t we all wish this were true).  When the Princess’s family heads to Disney, we try for the most part to stick to our regular diet…lots of fruits and veggies, but I have a massive sweet tooth and at Disney, it is so easy to indulge in all sorts of yummy confections!  My husband says the whole park smells like a sugar puff (I’m not really sure what a sugar puff is, but it has to be a good thing).  Every Diva and Devo has a favorite Disney dessert that you have to have every time you hit Disney property!  Here are some of our favorites…see if any of yours topped our list.
Princess Diva:  I first found this dessert at Aulani last summer and fell in love with it.  We had the buffet at Makahiki 3 times while we were there just so we could eat it.  Imagine my excitement when we had dinner at Boma this past Thanksgiving and I found it again…banana and butterscotch bread pudding with caramel sauce!  I’m not a big bread pudding fan…it has to be cooked just right; not runny or overly mushy at all.  This bread pudding is A-ma-zing!  There are usually two sauces found by the pudding…a vanilla sauce that looks OK, but if you smother the warm pudding with the caramel sauce, it is OUT OF THIS WORLD!  This is the type of dessert that I dream about when I know there is a Disney trip on the horizon.

Banana Butterscotch Bread Pudding

Disney Diva: “I like Dole Whips as number 1, then Mickey Ice Cream bars.  The chocolate croissants for breakfast are amazing, and the eclairs in France too”
Viva Diva: “My favorite is the maple creme brulee from La Cellier because it has a perfect maple crisp crust and amazing cream below.  Second is a crepe at the street stand in France while sitting at the outside cafe tables overlooking Illuminations.”
Dopey Diva: “I love Mickey ice cream bars.”
British Diva“Us Brits know our strawberries and the peculiar concoction ‘strawberry soup’ is a firm WDW favourite for me! It’s a beautiful, light, fragrant & sweet dessert; it does make a good & almost healthy choice after the mighty feast of food buffet at 1900 Park Fare.”

Strawberry Soup

Pirate Diva-“I guess my favorite dessert is cotton candy.  I know its rather plain and boring, but it always reminds me of going to the fair when I was a kid and my niece and I are addicted to it”.
Canadian Diva-“Lychee ice cream at the Lotus Blossom Cafe in the China Pavillion at Epcot”
Budget Diva-“I love the Mickey ice cream bar, but my number one must have is the Dole Whip.”