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By Wishes Diva

If you are a 90’s baby like myself, then you grew up watching awesome original shows on the Disney Channel. One of my favorites was always Kim Possible. The girl power, along with awkward boy humor and naked mole-rats earn it the position of my Throwback Thursday.

TV Show

Kim Possible debuted on the Disney Channel in June 2002. Complete with catchy theme song (Call me, beep me if you wanna reach me!), it highlighted the day to day life of the title character, Kim. The series follows Kim and her best friend (and future boyfriend), Ron Stoppable along with his naked mole-rat, Rufus. Kim also has her tech-expert friend, Wade who is a super-genius and hooks Kim up with all of the information she needs to defeat the villains! The trio fight off evildoers in the evening while still dealing with everyday drama at Middleton High School.

Throughout the 4 seasons, Kim fights off a rather colorful set of villains. Her arch-nemesis is Dr. Drakken with his sidekick, Shego. Dr. Drakken and Shego together formulate evil schemes to take over the world. The schemes are then thwarted by Kim Possible and gang, but not before some epic fighting between Kim and Shego. Kim also fights multiple other villains throughout the show including Monkey Fist, Professor Dementor, Señor Senior Sr./Señor Senior Jr. and Duff Killigan. All of these bad guys were constantly having their evil plans ruined by Possible and friends.

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TV Movies

The Kim Possible series also consisted of two made-for-TV movies. The first, A Stitch in Time, occurs during the second season of the TV series. At the opening of the movie, we discover that Ron’s family is moving to Norway. Determined to still fight crime together, Kim and Ron vow to make their team work despite the distance. As this is happening, three of Kim’s villainous enemies (Dr. Drakken, Monkey Fist, and Duff Killigan) team together to rule the world using a time traveling device. The trio of evil-doers attack Kim in the past, present and future in attempt to defeat her and take over the world.

The second TV movie, So the Drama, takes place at the end of the third season. This movie was originally intended to be the finale of the entire series until fans insisted the show be renewed for another season. In this movie, Kim and Ron are at it again with Drakken and Shego who have constructed a plot to use robots to take over the world and defeat Kim Possible once and for all. Kim and Ron fight off the evil robots as they also deal with real-world high school issue of the Junior Prom. At the end of the movie we finally see (*spoiler alert*) Kim and Ron come together as more than just friends.

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Park Appearances

Around the time that Kim Possible was going strong on the Disney Channel, the Disney parks also caught on to the fad. At EPCOT, there was the “Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure” around the entire World Showcase. This adventure took you on a quest with Kim via her “Kimmunicator”! It was replaced by the Agent P World Showcase Adventure in the Summer of 2012.

The parks also featured Kim and Ron as walkaround characters on the Streets of America for a period of time. Unfortunately they have not appeared in the streets of Hollywood Studios for quite some time.

Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable meet in Hollywood Studios.

Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable meet in Hollywood Studios.

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