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Continuing my series on Tips for people planning to stay off property!! To read more of those Tips click HERE.

Make SURE you have a GPS with you. I’m not saying you have to buy one, but I’d borrow one from a friend or make sure the one on a smart-phone is properly working. GPS can save you A LOT of time at WDW.

I would suggest that you make each park a “favorite” in order to easily move from one to the next and back “home”. The roads can get sort of confusing, especially trying to get on and off of I-4. So a GPS can really come in handy and ease some of the stress that is already present on a Disney Trip.

There are few things that can bum you out quite like getting REALLY lost can, either on the front end or the back end of the day and while it seems like the road-signs would direct you nicely for some reason they just DON’T!

Also remember that a GPS does not take into consideration traffic. I personally have never found Disney traffic to be TOO terrible. I’ve seen worse in my hometown. I’d still give myself a 10 minute traffic cushion. If your resort is WAY north on 1-4 then you can expect far more traffic.

Overall I would say that a GPS is an invaluable tool for any guest staying off-property and well worth the investment.

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