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Author: Diva Viva

My husband and I were so lucky to get to spend our Honeymoon in Walt Disney World.I had always dreamed of a Disneymoon, and ours was perfect!

Here are some tips for all you Disneymooners and Disneymoon dreamers out there.
1.Don’t expect your Disneymoon to be like any other time you have been to Disney.This trip is special, but it is also a different type of trip.Usual WDW advice includes waking up early, beating the crowds, and getting the best rides in before noon.This, however, is your honeymoon!You aren’t supposed to be awake early.You and your new spouse should be taking a break from all the hustle and bustle of your wedding and enjoying a quiet, relaxing time together.There is nothing wrong with putting up that “Do Not Disturb” sign and sleeping in.Go to the park when you feel like it.You aren’t missing anything that you can’t see on a future trip.
2.Number 1 leads into this one.Stay on property and splurge on your hotel if you can.Your Disneymoon should be the one trip in your life when you spend time in your room.You know . . . honeymoon . . . time alone . .. nice bed . . . you get the idea.We stayed at the Contemporary and it was perfect for getting us to the parks quickly when we felt like it and back to our room quickly when we felt like that.We requested a room in the Garden View Building overlooking to lake and it was beautiful and secluded while still being just a walk from Magic Kingdom and a Monorail ride from Epcot.
The view from our room
3.Take the scenic route.Boat rides are by far the most romantic way to get around WDW.The monorail hotels all have boats that can take you around the Seven Seas Lagoon and some will take you across Bay Lake.The ride between Epcot and Hollywood Studios is another of our favorites.There are boats between some hotels and Downtown Disney as well.Boats are usually less crowded and they give you beautiful views of the scenery, hotels,and areas around the parks.We loved taking a ride over to Fort Wilderness one evening for the Hoop Dee Doo Review and then we took in a horse-drawn carriage ride after the show.It was very special and we even saw live deer along the pathways.We were also lucky enough to enter the Magic Kingdom just as the horse-drawn Trolley ride was loading up. We hopped into the last two seats, upfront with the driver, and had a wonderful ride up Main Street.
On the boat to Fort Wilderness
4.Take advantage of PhotoPass. Don’t know what PhotoPass is?Check out the Disney Diva’s post “What’sso Special About PhotoPass?”Even if you don’t buy a CD or other PhotoPass products, use the photographers because they will take family pictures with YOUR camera too!You don’t want to return from your Disneymoon with pictures of your spouse that you took and pictures of you that your spouse too.You want pictures of you two together!
Wine and crackers we got through the Honeymoon Registry
5.Let your friends and family get excited about your Disneymoon too. We registered for our Disneymoon so our friends and family helped us pay for our trip. You can read more about that in my Honeymoon Registry post. During our trip, our family also surprised us by having Disney deliver gifts to our room. We came back to our room one day to find a trail of rose petals leading to a spa basket, monogrammed towels, and bride and groom Mickey and Minnie dolls. Another day we came back to find a monogrammed beach bag full of candy and snacks. We were also good about posting a few photos on Facebook every day and sending photo messages of special things to our family (like sending photos directly to my brother of us with Buzz Lightyear, his favorite character) so that they could all see how great our trip was and join in the happiness.
Our surprise snack pack that was delivered to our room
6.Wear your Disneymoon Celebration Buttons! (And Mickey and Minnie Bride and Groom Ears if you get them) because you never know what will happen when people know you are on your Disneymoon.My husband and I were given free snacks, complimentary Champagne toasts and desserts many times. We got special fastpasses and were allowed to skip lines on occasion. We were also treated to having our names monogrammed on our Mickey and Minnie Bride and Groom Ears and we were selected for special balcony viewing of the Liberty Singers at American Adventure.We even were handed a phone by a cast member so that Mickey and Minnie Mouse could tell us congratulations personally!!The best part, though, was that where ever we went people congratulated us.Even as we were lost in our own world (which really does happen even in the midst of so much Disney craziness when it is your Disneymoon) people would shout “Congratulations”in passing.It was very magical to haveso many people happy for us and wish us well.
A complimentary champagne toast at Mama Melose’s
Enjoying a celebration cupcake at Crystal Palace
Enjoy your Disneymoon!And may the happiness you share together in Disney during your Disneymoon last for the rest of your lives together.
~ Diva Viva