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Author: Diva Mommy

Traveling with toddlers can be very fun and exciting, however it can also be challenging. The good news is there are some simple things you can do to make your Disney trip go as smoothly as “It’s a Small World” ride. Here are my Top 5 tips!

1. Plan for nap time. Disney is big and for toddlers it can be overwhelming. I have stopped mid-day for a nap, since I started taking my daughter to Disney. We do half of the park in the morning, go back to the hotel for a nap, then finish the park later in the day. It works great, and even a small nap can make all the difference in Disney. If where you will be staying makes it hard to get back to the resort for a nap read THIS ARTICLE on places to rest at Magic Kingdom.

Most hotels, and all Disney resorts, will provide a pack and play, free of charge, just be sure to ask when you make your reservation. Some of the rooms can be little tight on space to really give your toddler some privacy, however some rooms do have a privacy curtain by the bathroom sink. So I have put the pack and play behind the curtain in the past and its worked great. If you do need any help with planning, you might consider using a Disney Travel Planner, they don’t cost you ANYTHING and they can be a lot of help planning details with little ones.

2. Keep them comfortable. Comfort is a big thing at Disney, and always something to keep in mind. In both Florida and California a great thing to have with you in the summer months, is a small fan. They do sell them at Disney and their very cute, however you can also buy them back home and probably for a little cheaper. Get other ideas on things to not be caught dead at Disney without in THIS article.

Also don’t forget to bring a sweater at night for in the early spring and winter months, it will keep your little one much warmer and happier. Anything small familiar item from home will also help. Something they can look to for comfort, in a time of need. This article on Packing Tips for Toddlers will really help.

3. Snacks. Don’t forget to pack snacks for your little one. Yes again you can buy them at Disney. It is very helpful though to but them at home, mostly because you can buy food in snack size. Good choices are little bags of goldfish, teddy grahams, saltine crackers, cookies, pretzels. If you normally buy Gerber items you’ll definitely want to bring those with you because they don’t really sell those at Disney.

4. Don’t over plan. So many people want to do it all at Disney and some of them succeed, and some have kids and we just have to go with the flow. I’m not saying don’t plan because you do need to. But I would suggest you read this article on Quantity of Rides vs Quality of Life and then make a simple schedule of what park your gonna visit that day in the morning and at night and be willing to be flexible. Make sure to see your favorites at each park and try to work in the rest, because your toddler will likely dictate most of your schedule. Don’t be upset if there’s something you miss because it’s nap time, the most important thing is to all have a good time as a family. Also a great thing to make sure you understand is Fast Passes, they will save you so much time in line and you’ll be able to check something else off your list in the mean time, or have a bite to eat!

5.Under 3 and their free! Yes it’s true something at Disney can be free. Kids under 3 are free to get into the parks. That sure can save some money!

Even at character meals toddlers 3 and under are free because your little ones can share off your plate (even at buffet meals). So anytime I order something I just ask for a extra plate so I can share with my toddler daughter. Disney always gives you enough food to share so it’s never a problem especially at the buffets. This article gives a great description on some of the character meals Disney has to offer, so your little ones can eat for free and see the characters they love to.

Toddlers love Disney and the place was designed for them to. There’s so much to do and see all day long. So no matter what they’ll have a good time, these are just some tips to help you and them have a great time, and keep everyone feeling magical!