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By Wishes Diva

We are currently gearing up to take our kids to Walt Disney World again. For my older kiddo, it’s his second trip, but for my little girl, it’s her first! For my son’s first trip there are some characters and movies he was familiar with, but definitely a lot he hasn’t been exposed to. So before this trip, my husband and I made a list of movies we wanted to be sure the kids watched at least once before heading to the parks.

EPCOT movies

The list below are my family’s suggestion for movies to watch before taking your first trip to EPCOT.

  • Seas with Nemo and Friends

    Statues outside the entrance to the Seas with Nemo and Friends

    Finding Nemo (G) – In the Future World section of EPCOT there is an entire attraction dedicated to this movie. In order to appreciate the theming and characters as you ride through The Seas with Nemo & Friends, it will definitely be helpful if you’ve seen the movie. Just a one-time introduction to the characters is all you need, so be sure to add this to your list before you leave! The ride takes you on a journey underwater in a clam shell, where you will experience different scenes and characters from the movie that are superimposed on top of the real life aquariums that are also housed in this building. If you are visiting with fish-lovers or small children you will definitely want to plan a good amount of time in your schedule for this building. We can easily spend an hour here just viewing the different aquarium areas!

  • The Three Caballeros (G) – With the addition of Disney+ to our viewing platform options, movies like this one have become more accessible to the general public! You can find the characters of the Three Caballeros in a few different movies on Disney+, and any of them will do! Having the background knowledge of these quirky characters will make spotting them on your boat ride through the Mexico pavilion even more entertaining!Movies to watch before EPCOT
  • Beauty and the Beast (G) – If your traveling party plans to stop by and see the new Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along located in the France section of World Showcase, then you definitely want to watch this movie! The sing-along features songs from the original animated movie, so opt for that one rather than the live action adaptation.
  • Frozen (PG) – This movie should already been in your rotation, but in case it isn’t, be sure to watch before your trip! All of your favorite characters from the Frozen franchise are included in this boat ride in Norway, Frozen Ever After. Keep in mind there are some more obscure characters included such as Marshmallow, the giant snow monster, and the Snowgies (small snowmen created when Elsa gets a cold on Anna’s birthday in Frozen Fever), so you may want to include that short to your watch list as well!

    Movies to watch before EPCOT

    Art on the wall in the queue of Frozen Ever After

BONUS: Check the list below for any additional movies that are needed for character meet and greets. If you are wanting to see characters at this park be sure to watch the movies below. (As always check your My Disney Experience app for the most up to date characters and when they are meeting.) Some of the movies listed above also have character meet and greets so take a look at the full list of characters to be sure you haven’t forgotten a movie!

  • Mulan (G) – China Pavilion
  • Snow White (Not rated) – Germany Pavilion
  • Aladdin (G) – Morocco Pavilion
  • Aristocats (G) – France Pavilion
  • Sleeping Beauty (G) – France Pavilion
  • Mary Poppins (G) – UK Pavilion
  • Alice in Wonderland (G) – UK Pavilion
  • Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (G) – UK Pavilion
WDW Transportation

Parking lot entrance to EPCOT

Well, there you have it! My comprehensive list of movies to watch before visiting EPCOT. Set aside some time for these, and your travel companions are more likely to become fully immersed in your visit!