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by Disney Magic Diva

UP! A Great Bird Adventure Takes Flight at Disney's Animal KingdomAttention Wilderness Explorers! There’s something new you’re going to want to make time for on your next adventure to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  In “UP! A Great Bird Adventure” everyone’s favorite Wilderness Explorers Russell and Dug learn about our feathered friends in a delightful 25 minute show.

The performance begins with a quick explanation of the backstory. We meet Anika, a descendent of an enlightened maharaja and maharani who eons ago so loved nature that the maharani turned the palace grounds into a beautiful aviary so she could live among the birds.  Anika is now the caretaker of this aviary, and a proud Wilderness Explorer.  And as any good Wilderness Explorer, she is anxious to share its beauty and help us learn about the creatures that live there.

In wander Russell and Dug, fresh off an adventure with their favorite bird, Kevin, to Paradise Falls. They are looking for a new bird adventure and stopped by the aviary to learn more.  Anika and her bird-handler friends are thrilled to share their knowledge about the exquisite winged creatures who call the aviary their home.

UP! A Great Bird Adventure Takes Flight at Disney's Animal KingdomAs you would expect, there is a strong emphasis on the educational aspects about the different birds in the aviary. We learn about their habits, behaviors, and challenges they face in the wild.  And, as in the previous bird show “Flights of Wonder,” we are treated to some fabulous “tricks” by the birds.  Whether it’s the chickens running wild across the stage or the ground hornbill which pecks Russell’s camera, you can expect to be “wow’d” by the birds.

Naturally, there are also audience interaction opportunities. A trumpeter hornbill demonstrates its speed and agility by flying through an audience made tunnel.

Diva Tip: Try to snag a seat at the end of the row along the two center aisles!

And two lucky guests are chosen for an on-stage opportunity to have an up-close experience with a toucan. I don’t want to spoil the fun, so no spoilers on that demonstration!UP! A Great Bird Adventure Takes Flight at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Some fan favorites from “Flights of Wonder” are also part of this new show – who doesn’t love Frasier Crane, Groucho the singing parrot and Hope the Eagle? But we also see new and beautiful creatures: an Andean Condor from South America with a 10 foot wingspan, an owl, and a peacock – the national bird of India – all make an appearance.

As each bird arrives onstage, Russell and Dug often disappear under the pretense they are apprehensive about the creatures. But luckily, by the end of the performance, Russell and Dug realize that these birds are really just as majestic, beautiful, and harmless as their friend Kevin.

UP! A Great Bird Adventure Takes Flight at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Not surprisingly, “UP! A Great Bird Adventure” was a popular show on opening day. The queue for our show was allowed to begin about 45 minutes before showtime.  Approximately 30 minutes prior to the performance we were allowed inside the theater.  While it may have a little less comedy in the script than “Flights of Wonder,” it is a fun show which fits well with the theming of Animal Kingdom and will appeal to the whole family.  Birds have free flight over the audience, there are plenty of educational tidbits, and of course the addition of Russell and Dug will delight kids of all ages.

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