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by Military Diva

Does Disney hire veterans? Disney jobs for military.

The Disney Company offers transitional help to Veterans entering the civilian workforce.

Are you a Veteran of our Armed Forces?  Looking for a new line of work? Or maybe you dream of retiring to one of the happiest places on earth.

Well my heroic citizens, the Disney Company would like to help you transition into civilian life.  And, if you have skill sets that they are looking for, they may offer you a position within the Disney Company!

Disney’s “Heroes Work Here” initiative is a career program that has been in place for over five years. Its purpose is to help Veterans navigate the bridge from military to civilian life.  The program offers transitional guidance as well as career opportunities within the Disney Company.

“In March of 2012 The Walt Disney Company announced Heroes Work Here, a company-wide initiative to hire, train and support returning veterans.Heroes Work Here reflects the long history of respect and appreciation Disney has for the U.S. Armed Services. We recognize the commitment and dedication it takes to serve your country and value the leadership skills and sense of purpose the military has instilled in you.” (Retrieved from

First of all, I would like to thank the Disney Company for their support.  I am always amazed by the various ways they honor our Military Members and their families. They offer deep discounts on travel through their Armed Forces Salute. And they offer special ceremonies throughout their parks and resorts (Magic Kingdom Flag Retreat, Wilderness Lodge Flag Family Service).

Does Disney hire veterans? Disney jobs for the military.Magic Kingdom Flag Retreat

Magic Kingdom Flag Retreat honors our servicemembers daily.

The Heroes Work Here helps our military in a different way. Heroes Work Here is a comprehensive career program aimed at making a long term difference in the lives of our servicemembers.  Below is a glimpse of the specific services that Heroes Work Here provides.

Does Disney hire Veterans? Disney jobs for military members.

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Career Building Services

“In addition to providing career opportunities as part of the Heroes Work Here Initiative, The Walt Disney Company is committed to helping veterans during their transition into the civilian workforce.Here you will find tools meant to help prepare you for the next step in your career.” (Retrieved from

Career Services offered through the Heroes to Work program:

  • Networking 101
  • Resume Writing
  • Interview Preparation
  • Transition Tips

Yes, you read that right-Disney would like to provide our Veterans with tools that move them into their civilian careers!  Disney has recognized that the interview and promotion process in the Armed Forces differs from the civilian world.  Our servicemembers are well prepared to work in the civilian world, but they may not be aware of how their specific skills fit into a civilian job requirement. Through videos and online files our Veterans can learn how to best portray their abilities before heading into their new lives.

Does Disney hire Veterans? Disney jobs for the military.

The Disney Company wants to help our Veterans make the most of their specialized skill sets.


Career Areas

“With a role at The Walt Disney Company, you will be part of an amazing team that makes a positive impact on lives around the globe. Whether you provide a supporting service, facilitate a business operation, interact with a Guest directly or create innovative experiences, the work you do will help us achieve an incredible end result.” (Retrieved from

Now that is exciting news!  Disney is aware that today’s Veterans come with valuable skill sets.And fortunately, they have found a way to match these skills with specific jobs within their Company.

How can a Veteran determine if their skills match what the Disney Company needs?

Through the Heroes Work Here online search tool Disney matches military skill sets to open roles within their company.  The following is a breakdown of these search areas:

  • Civil Engineer, Developmental Engineer
  • JAG, Operations or Military Police/Law Enforcement, Combat
  • Contracting, Public Affairs/Production Post Production, Military Recruitment/Personnel Operations, Training/Instruction
  • Military Intelligence/Informational Systems, Scientific Research Utilization Field, Signal Brand/Informational Systems, Maritime
  • Junior Level NCO or Officer with Troop Leading Time, Logistics, Quartermaster/Operations Logistics
  • Military Food Service

Once a Veteran identifies the skill(s) they have to offer, a quick click of “search roles” will start the journey towards a new career with the Disney Company.  The list of current jobs available is long and varies greatly. And no, I am not talking about dressing like a mouse or checking bags at park entrances.  While these are all honored positions, Veterans are often considered for significant operational roles within the company-Key Holder Retail Cast Members, Marketing Coordinator, Construction Project Management, and ESPN Head of Rights of Acquisition are just the beginning of the positions being offered. As of today there are 54 jobs available under the Contracting search alone!

Thank you and good luck on your new career!

I would like to wrap up by personally thanking all of the Veterans that have served our country. The sacrifices you and your families have made do not go unnoticed.  You have served us well and I am honored to share this small bit of advice-take full advantage of Disney’s offer to aid you in your transition. The career building tools offered by the Heroes Work Here Program are an invaluable source of guidance when preparing for your job search.  And, who knows, you may just become the next integral part of the Disney Company Workforce! Good luck on your new path and thank you once again!