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By: Main Street Diva

A Disney Dining must-do when visiting Walt Disney World is the 50’s Prime Time Cafe in Hollywood Studios. You aren’t just a customer when you eat there, you are a member of the family. Upon entering this 50’s themed wonderland you are greeted by your “Aunt or Uncle” calling you for dinner. Don’t be late or else you will be sent to bed without dessert!

Every corner you turn you will see trinkets and memorabilia from the 50’s. Whether it’s the Dick Van Dyke show or the original Mickey Mouse Club  playing on the classic black and white television sets all around the restaurant, you are always in for a treat with this blast from the past. IMG_1638IMG_1635

The wait staff at the restaurant adds a personal touch by treating you like their family. When they seat you, you are told about the rules of the table. No tattling, no whining and absolutely no elbows on the table. Whenever I go to the Prime Time Cafe I always joke around with the wait staff and try to get in trouble on purpose! Sounds crazy, right? Who wants to get in to trouble? Well, I do! A normal dining experience would then be turned into a hilarious interaction. I was deemed the “elbow queen” because no matter how many times I was told not to put my elbows on the table I always did. I also tattled on my mother who didn’t eat all of her greens. For that, I was put in the corner and my mother’s greens were turned into a vegetable and whipped cream pie to try to make it more appealing.


This is a moderately priced dining experience ($15-$25). Make sure to try the family favorites like Aunt Liz’s Golden Fried Chicken, Cousin Ann’s Tradition Meatloaf or Mom’s Old-fashioned Pot Roast. Can’t decide which one to get? Don’t worry, Mom put together a sampling dish of all three entrees (I strongly recommend it!). And no trip to mom’s house is complete without dessert! Be sure to try the delicious Warm apple crisp or my personal favorite the S’mores. If you are thirsty nothing beats a 50’s style classic milkshake available in many different flavors (Tip: PB&J is a must try!IMG_1656IMG_1636

Gluten free? You’re in luck, Mom will whip you up all of your favorite dishes  gluten free. Tip: If you would like to order a gluten free version of Aunt Liz’s Golden Fried Chicken, you must place your order in advance. You can give them a shout at this e-mail.

Since this is a popular restaurant I suggest making your reservation to the Prime Time Cafe as soon as you can. Tip: If you weren’t able to get a reservation you can sit in the Tune-in lounge where meals are served and adults 21 and up can grab a drink from Dad’s liquor cabinet.

So on your next trip to Hollywood Studios remember to stop by Mom’s house! Make sure you mind your P’s &Q’s (or don’t, like me!)