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Author: Canadian Diva

“When will my reflection show, who I am inside…”  – Lyrics from the song “Reflections” of Disney’s Mulan.

I remember reading an interview with major music star, Christina Aguilera (former judge of “The Voice”). She said that one note changed her life. So what does Christina Aguilera’s musical note and Disney’s “Reflections of China” have in common? As you may know, Christina was part of the Mickey Mouse Club when she was a child (along with Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake). In 1998, when she was a teenager,  she auditioned for a new upcoming Disney movie (Mulan) and had to sing a song to show her range.  She sang and recorded it in her bathroom to get the acoustics. After submitting it, she then went on to score the theme song single to the movie Mulan, as well as the video release. The song title is, you guessed it, “Reflections”. (side note, Broadway musical star, Lea Solonga sang “Reflections” in the actual movie)

What is “Reflections of China?”

Inside the Epcot Theme Park of Walt Disney World,  one of the eleven Countries featured in the World Showcase is the China Pavilion.  Circle-Vision 360°  is a Disney technological movie experience and the film,  “Reflections of China” is a spherical glimpse or reflection of the vastness  of this country. Entering through the Temple of Heaven, you arrive inside the large circular theater. There are  posts for you to rest your back on while you stand to watch the cyclical grand screens surrounding you above. The tone of China is seen through the eyes of poet Li Bai/Li Bo of the Tang Dynasty (an ancient Chinese poet), played by an actor, befitting of the feel of this country. The richness of China’s historical arts is stimulated through traditional musical instruments, paintings, calligraphy as well as  Chinese Opera  which marries visually  with the magnificent natural wonders of China. Wonders like the  Yang Tse River, the autonomous region of  inner Mongolia and the incredible Guilin province.  The film opens with the Great Wall, one of the world’s most mysterious human awe and then moves on to see the difference of the modern with the old. A brief visit through the Forbidden City and traveling to famous cities like Beijing, Shanghai,  Suzhou, Macau, Hong Kong as well as many more. There is a Yin/Yang or balance seen as you discover a glimpse of this very broad, historical yet modern country.

Having taught English in China for a couple of years and traveling to many of the noted spots shown in this film,  I felt Disney did  a great job of showing a reflection of China. My family really enjoyed the movie as the circular screen  technology makes you feel as though you are  immersed in the culture and country.

The one complaint I have is, the “modern” scenes are a dated and the “modern day” people look like they were stuck, circa early 1990. Disney seriously needs to make these parts more current.

Length: 12 – 14 minutes

Showtimes: throughout the day starting at 11:00 am

Motion Sickness Warning: As the Disney Diva mentioned here about “O’Canada”, with the Circle-Vision 360° movie experience, you can get very dizzy with the large images spinning around you.

Interesting note: Epcot’s famous nightly fireworks spectacular show is named, “IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth“. Disney seems to have a fondness for the word reflection.

I hope you enjoy “Reflections of China” when visiting the beautiful China Pavilion in the World Showcase at Epcot, Walt Disney World.  

“Zai Jian!”