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by Canadian Diva

When I visited the People’s Republic of China in the late 90’s, I was disappointed that I did not have a chance to visit the Terracotta Army in the Lintong Disrtict of Xi’an in the province of Shaanxi. The official English title is “Terracotta Warriors and Horses” and it is an incredible archaeological gem.  Imagine being a farmer in the early 1970’s, going about your day, digging into the earth, only to discover an ancient cemetery containing thousands of figures, human sculptures with life-like features, so distinctive that none of the estimated 8000 of them have the exact same features. And horses as well as chariots with such detailing. Not only were soldiers found but also members contributing to society showing the ways of life during this time. This tomb was an epic historical find which belonged to a Chinese Emperor (the first Qin Emperor) around 250 BCE. It is truly amazing to imagine the time, the human power and precision it took to make this which is why it is such a popular tourist destination in the People’s Republic of China and also part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.


Inside the “House of the Whispering Willows”, China Pavilion, EPCOT

Well, can I tell you what a lovely surprise it was to stumble upon the House of the Whispering Willows, a small museum in the China Pavilion of the World Showcase in the Epcot Theme Park. Although this museum does not contain the “real” Terracotta Army, these sculptures are replicas of the actual Terracotta Warriors and Horses on a smaller scale. Still, it was really amazing to witness the detailing of each sculpture. And around the museum, there is a lot of history written about the Army, the origins and the archaeological findings of the original Mausoleum. There are also many  interesting facts which fascinated me. For any history buff or those who adore archaeology, this is truly a great place to immerse yourself into, during your visit to Disney World.

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House of the Whispering Willows is open every day from 11:00am (when the Epcot World Showcase opens)  until about 9:00pm.

Diva tip: This mini museum is  very quiet and it’s air-conditioned!  It’s a great place to relieve yourself from the heat and crowds while getting a history lesson at the same time.

For Children: many kids would be fascinated by the sculptures because they are pretty cool, but may get bored quickly in here.

Before or after checking out this museum, watch “Reflections of China” to learn more about the beautiful and historic country of China.

The China Pavilion is located in between Norway and Germany. It is such a gorgeous Pavilion which really captures the essence of China. Some of my friends who are of Chinese origin say that when they visit the China Pavilion, it almost feels as if they are in China again, that’s how authentic it is. Plus, it’s also the perfect place to meet Princess Mulan and maybe Mushu as well as Shang (if good fortune comes your way)!



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