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Author: Diva Mommy
This is one of my favorite rides at Magic Kingdom! I love it for so many reasons.

First off it’s a classic, and was originally designed and created by Walt Disney for the 1964-65 New York’s World Fair. In 1973 they moved the show to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and then was “updated” in 1994.

The theater seats revolve around the stage so you get to sit through the 21 minute ride. It also loads every few minutes so you don’t wait through the entire ride, and there’s hardly ever a long line. Oh, and did I mention its AIR CONDITIONED!? That’s pretty important in the insane heat of Orlando.

The show is a learning experience in itself and starts off just at the turn of the century and continues with scenes in the 20’s, 40’s and current day. Every scene also ties into a holiday Valentines Day, 4th of July, Halloween and Christmas, it’s fun to see how the family is celebrating each one.

This ride can also be a great place for a quick place to rest your tired feet. You can find some other helpful tips to keep your feet happy here.

For those of you who like to hunt for Hidden Mickey’s, there are a couple of fun ones to keep an eye out for. Keep your eyes open in the last scene for a Mickey nutcracker on the mantel, and a stuffed Mickey under the tree.

You might recognize the family dog on this ride, he also appears in other Disney attractions.

The Carousel of Progress ride is a nice place for babies to take a quick nap, or to nurse them in privacy, as it’s kinda dark in the theater. Find more resting places at Disney World HERE.

If the fathers voice sounds familiar that’s because it’s Jean Shepherd who wrote and narrated the movie “A Christmas Story”.

This classic ride is always on our to do list, so if it’s your first trip I suggest checking this one out. Here are some more great tips for helping you plan that FIRST Disney trip.

There are no height restrictions for this ride
Guests may remain in their wheelchairs for the ride
There shouldn’t be any motion sickness issues, as the ride turns at a slow pace.
Diva Scream Factor is a 1 out of 5