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On my son’s first trip to Walt Disney World he was about to turn 4 years old.
We had a great time and I came back with a bazillion pictures. At that time our daughter had not been born and I was only teaching a few classes. So I scrapbooked. And I scrapbooked and I scrapbooked.
I spent time and A LOT of money creating the perfect memory book for our first trip!! And, don’t get me wrong, before every trip we get our scrapbooks out and look at them. And for people that have time to spend, and a deep love of scrapbooking I say GO FOR IT. Scrapbook till your little hearts content!
But for those of us who do NOT have that kind of time and/or money any more I’ve got an AMAZING present for you to consider! Snapfish Photo books.
IMG_0557The books range from $11.99 to as expensive as you want to make them.
The beauty of the book, in my opinion, is you just pick out the style book you want, upload your photographs, it arranges them in the book for you. Then you go in and can type in titles, or descriptions right there. Then they print it, bind it and send it to you.
I just did an 8×11 Personalized Cover book for my mother and father in law for their Christmas gift. Our book had 33 pages and we paid $45. 81 for the book which included shipping. I would have spent on the scrapbook + stickers EASY! It has a hard cover and is bound just like any book you’d get off the shelf. I know they will love it and I’m sure your Disney fans will too!

Photo/ Autograph Book

The first time I took my son to Walt Disney world we, like most parents, bought an autograph book. I mean, who is more famous than Mickey Mouse? Of COURSE your kids want to get autographs!!!
So after son collected all these autographs I got home and I looked at that little book and thought, “now what the heck am I supposed to do with this”?
Basically I ended up destroying the book itself, and some autographs in the process, but pulling out the autographs and putting them into the scrapbook so they’d EVER be looked at again.
The next time I went to Disney World I got smart! It was time to make an autograph book and photo album in one. One that my kids would actually LOOK at and remember. They both keep their books in their rooms and I’ve frequently caught them looking at them during “nap time”.
How do I do it Disney Diva? I thought you’d ask!
caseYou only need a few things:
1. A slim clipboard storage case. These can be found at places like Stapes/ Officemax. DON’T get a regular clipboard because this one will actually hold your autograph papers before and after being signed, keeping them dry and crinkle free. IT will also hold two sharpies and fits into a backpack easily.
2. 4×6 index cards, cardstock or Scrapbook paper (cut to 4×6 size). Its important that there is not a pattern on the paper because you wont be able to see the Autograph well without it. Use color cards/paper to spice up your book even more.
3. Sharpie Markers. Black sharpies are important b/c characters have a hard time holding little pens. They show up REALLY well on the paper and don’t tear the paper. Luckily you can find them just about anywhere.
4. Photo Album that holds 2 4×6 photos on each page. You can go as fancy or as plain here as you would like. has some that are Disney actually from Disney parks, but you can find them anywhere from the dollar store to the hobby shop. The key is that it holds TWO 4×6 pictures on each page.
IMG_0576 (2)Now you just get your autographs. Make sure that your “celebrity” always signs horizontally not vertically and do your BEST to remember to always take your picture with that character HORIZONALLY as it causes some weird head-tilting while reading the book later on if you don’t.
And… voila! A memory book/photobook/autograph book all in one!
Enjoy your memories!!!