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By Fashion Diva

The Attraction Plus Photo Pass offered at the Walt Disney World Resorts are a unique way to capture priceless memories. The cost is $44.95 and it allows you to keep all of your attraction photographs on one card to download at a later time. Most pictures take less than 24 hours to populate online. The pass is good for two weeks which makes it great for the weekend getaway or the family vacation. It is very simple to use. After riding any attraction with a camera just give your card to the photopass desk and they will quickly scan it for you. You can add as many photos as you want, so ride them multiple times! You can purchase this pass at any photopass counter after an attraction with a camera. If you are a parent taking your child to Disney for the first time, this is a MUST! You can capture that look of pure excitement and wonderment on your child’s face while they are plunging 60 feet into water on Splash Mountain. What parent wouldn’t want that? My mom still has mine and we laugh every time she pulls it out. However, it is also great for groups of friends. You can easily split the cost and share the picture downloads at the end of your trip. After riding the attractions multiple times, you start to pick up on where the cameras are. This allows you to also have fun with it and make goofy faces.

There are different rides in all four parks that have cameras. The following is a list with some examples of those goofy faces you can make! =)

Magic Kingdom
Space Mountain
Splash Mountain
Buzz Lightgear’s Space Ranger Spin

Hollywood Studios
Tower of Terror
Rockin’ Roller Coaster

Test Trac

Animal Kingdom
Expedition Everest