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Author: Disney Diva

There are, indeed, some “Classic Disney” rides that do not make you want to shoot yourself like Small World and Jungle Cruise do. Sorry to those of you who just got yourself in a wad that I admitted this out loud. I’m a Disney Addict but not a “Disney Purist”.

Hands down, Pirates of the Caribbean continues to be one of my most favorite rides in the Magic Kingdom.

Now, there are “dark rides” and there are “DARK RIDES”. Pirates is very DARK inside. So if your kid gets freaked out in the dark, not to mention throwing in some hearty pirates to add to the mix, you might want to skip it. Classic or not, because it is DARK inside there, it may not be suitable for every child.IMG_2516

Having said that, my daughter is a Fearless Frannie, so when the cast member asked her if she was afraid of the dark, she laughed and told her Papa to come on! So, like all Disney rides, it depends on the child.

When you first enter the ride you need to go to the LEFT. Did you hear me? The general rule is always go LEFT and WALK FARTHER UP if you want shorter wait times at Walt Disney World.
Pay no attention to the fact that that my family is going to the right in the picture above. It was a freak thing. The cast member told us everyone had gone to the left and they had a 20 minute wait, and to go to the right. Cast Members will tell you all kinds of things if you ask them!

The line, as in the actual line winds around, is shorter to the LEFT at Pirates.

Assuming you have to wait, it’s not so bad because it’s very nice and cool as you descend down to the ride (this is one of the only rides that goes DOWN). You will will finally reach your destination. Of course, if you have a wheelchair, you will enter from a different location. Be sure to ask the cast member at the front where to go.
I dunno why my son looks surprised in all these. Its not like I hadn’t been taking crazy amounts of photos the whole trip! Maybe I still had the flash on at this point? They get really cranky if you leave the flash on in ANY DARK RIDE. So make sure you turn it off.
imageAs you begin the water ride you will pass under Blackbeard. I won’t tell you how this illusion happens, to save some surprises, but it’s pretty awesome. And no, your hair won’t get wet.

The familiar dead men tell no tales, hauntingly starts your ride.
There is one drop that happens in this ride. It happens right after this scene and its really minor, but it’s fun to freak people out who are scared of getting wet, by raising your hands before the drop.
My favorite scene happens where the brides are being auctioned. I always scream “WE WANTS THE RED HEAD!” Which is my favorite line from the ride.
This one is also a classic. And be on the lookout for one serious hairy foot! I couldn’t get a picture!
Also look out for Johnny Depp, as Captain Jack Sparrow. He has been cleverly interwoven in the ride and looks 100% real. I mean, you would swear it was a live actor, because the animatronic is so good and quick! Pay close attention to how life-like the movements are at the end of the ride the treasure room.

Fun Fact: The Pirates ride came FIRST and it INSPIRED the Pirates of the Caribbean movies to be written. Then the ride was inspired by the movie to add new animitronics. I am seriously looking for mermaids to be in that water before too much longer!

The scream factor for this ride is about a 3 out of 5. Especially for young children, as it is dark.

Users of wheelchairs must be able to transfer from the wheelchair into the ride’s boats. The seating in the boats are lower than floor level, and require a step down to enter and then a large step up to exit. Transfers must be performed in the regular loading and exiting area. EVC’s are not allowed on the ride.