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Author: Disney Diva

At Walt Disney World at Epcot, The Seas with Nemo and Friends, is located in Future World West.
When you walk into the Seas, you will find an unbelievably themed, and extremely long, queue that is blissfully dark and cool during the blazing hot Florida days. It is seriously dark throughout the line and it takes quite a while until your eyes adjusts.
When you get to the enIMG_2635d of this crazy long and winding line (which is normally vacant. I have walked on to this ride every single time I’ve tried to ride it), you will find the ride itself.
The ride is a continuous-loader so you will get onto a moving walkway. In my opinion, it is a little hard to board. I always feel rushed trying to get into my moving “clam shell”. So just be a little prepared.
Your clam shell doors will close automatically, it could be a tight squeeze. We normally just do one adult and one child in a shell to stay comfortable.
Then you begin your trip through the story, beginning in some cool coral. There are large televisions imbedded in the ride that have Nemo’s friends searching for him as he pops up over and over again and giggles.
Like the line, the ride itself is pretty dark so make sure you prepare any little ones if they may scare easily in the darkness.
The giant Jelly fish are one of my favorite parts. They’re just really cool looking.
There are a few more parts that are a little scary for little ones. The area that has sharks in it, for example, is a little scary. Then there’s one area that is REALLY DARK, that has the angler fish on it, but it is over pretty quickly.
Another great part happens with a the ultra hip turtle Crush! I’m going to keep it a secret, but you will like it! Warning, you may get a little dizzy.
This ride also uses the giant aquarium tank and, in a very cool way, projects the characters of Finding Nemo . Giving them the appearance that they are inside the tank with the live fish and sharks.
My favorite part of the whole ride is when Peach, the Starfish, talks on the way out. It is really funny! Make sure you look out for her!
As you disembark from the ride, again, onto an awkward moving platform, it will dump you out into the viewing level of the aquarium. Our favorite part is viewing the dolphins. You will enjoy watching them.
So what’s my take on The Seas with Nemo and Friends? Not as little-kid friendly as you might think it would be: it’s dark, it has sharks, and a scary angler fish. So if you think any of this may be a major issue for your little one, you might take a pass on it, but at least you should prepare them for that part and let them know its pretty short.
I’m going to give it a scream factor of 2 out of a 5.
Guests must transfer from their motorized scooter or ECV to an available wheelchair to experience the attraction.
Children under 7 must have an adult with them to ride.