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So you’ve decided you want a Disney wedding, huh? What kind of Disney wedding? And would you like to use a Disney’s Fairy Tale WeddingPlanner (or Event Manager) or do a lot of work on your own? When my fiancé and I found ourselves engaged and were ready to start getting our Walt Disney World wedding into full swing, we quickly realized we had a lot of questions! Did you know a Disney’s Fairy Tale Wedding (DFTW) isn’t the only way to have a Disney wedding? It turns out there are more mind-blowing options than revealed at first search!
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Besides an at-home Disney-themed wedding which can be wonderful and sometimes the best option for a lot of couples from an affordability and transportation standpoint, I stumbled across a few additional ideas in the hopes of saving a little money.
First, there is Rix Lounge in Coronado Springs. Events here are planned, hosted, and coordinated directly with the food and beverage crew at Rix Lounge. This certainly looks like a chic, different option that provides stylish, modern venues (to appease the Diva in us all), at very affordable prices as low as $1000 for the simplest of ceremonies.
You can also hold a small ceremony at Characters in Flightin Downtown Disney! Imagine floating up into the sky, overlooking Walt Disney World and other close-by parks in a hot air balloon, all while saying your vows in this intimate ceremony! Packages for this experience begin at $1300 and the most comprehensive package I’ve found is through Sensational Ceremonies and is $1500. Visit their website for more information and Aerophile directly for more information about the balloon itself and its operation.
Then, there’s a little story about the weddings that are held at the Swan and Dolphin hotels! They are located on Disney property but not owned by Disney, thus, these events are coordinated by an outside event planning company called Just Marry!. Like the Rix and Characters In Flight weddings, Swalphin weddings (as they’re commonly called) have the reputation of being a more affordable option and are the most popular of these cheaper options. In addition, Just Marry!’s packages are completely customizable and have little restrictions in comparison to DFTW and allows for a lot more personalization. Pretty much anything you could want is an additional charge in an ala carte fashion so it can certainly add up quick and could potentially cost as much as a DFTW.
Choosing one of the above options or to have a DFTW is a big decision and takes a lot of thought and planning! Even though it’s not the most glamorous part of the Disney wedding planning process, most decisions will be made based on your available budget and the number of people you’d like to have witness your special day. In future posts, I’ll go through the different options for a DFTW and what that entails. But for now, keep painting your Disney Wedding dreams, girls!
Sarah, Diva Bride
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