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Author: The Disney Diva

Did you lose your keys? Do you need to convert your currency? Have your tickets gone missing and you need reprints? Well, you need to find Guest Relations at a Disney Park!

Guest Relations stations are at every park in Walt Disney World.They will be marked with a lowercase ‘i’ in a bright blue rectangle on your park map.

There are two in Magic Kingdom. One is outside of the park entrance so you can ask questions before entering the park if you need to. The other is in City Hall.

Epcot also has two Guest Relations stations. The first is outside of the park, you will actually pass it if you get off of a resort bus. The other is near Spaceship Earth.

At Hollywood Studios before you go into the park its on the Left and then when you enter the park, immediately after the turn-styles on your left.

At Animal Kingdoms the Guest Relations also has an outside the park station on the left and you can also get to it by going left once you enter the park.

So what kind of information can you find there?

Well, first off you can get any of the nifty buttons for your birthday, anniversary, first trip, honeymoon, anything like that, for FREE at Guest Relations.

You can also find:

  • Disney Resort Reservations and get Advanced Reservations for Dining
  • Ticket Information & Adjustments
  • Find any missing party member and/ or leave a message for someone who may be looking for you.
  • Exchange Foreign Currency
  • Get info about tours, on-property activities, and behind the scenes educational programs.
  • Get maps in French, German, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Purchase Walt Disney World Gift Certificates.
  • Information concerning Guests with disabilities
  • Get those Happy Birthday or First Visit Buttons
  • Convert tickets to annual passes.
  • Get Tables in Wonderland Dining Discount Cards here.

From my experience, they can find out just about any kind of information you might need! So don’t be afraid to use this valuable information!