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By Superhero Diva

We all love our visits to Disneyland for sure. Sometimes those long days at the park can be tiring on our legs, especially for the younger visitors that accompany us.  Wondering where inside the park you can take a break, besides a park bench? Look no further because I, Superhero Diva, have complied a small handful of my favorite places to rest those tired legs. Wether it’s watching a show, hopping on a ride, or just wanting to sit in some air conditioning, there is a spot for you at Disneyland!

My Hidden Spot:

There is a great hidden quiet place that is one of my family favs. A little off the main path, there is a quiet area next to a small pond with a nice view of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.  You can find it directly between the entrance to Frontierland and the Royal Theatre. It is a great place with a nice bench that seems to be a little quieter, but still is very close to everything.  There you can people watch, take a break in the shade, have the little one nap in the stroller or just use it as a spot to regroup.

Circled on the map is my favorite quiet spot

Circled on the map is my favorite quiet spot


It’s A Small World – This is a great ride to relax your feet on, eat that Mickey Mouse pretzel, and enjoy some air conditioning. Most of the time, you hardly have to wait to get onto it and it is somewhat of a lengthy ride.

Pirates of the Caribbean – Yo Ho! If you are in the New Orleans Square or in the Adventureland area, this is a great pick. Most of the time the line is comparatively short and is one of the longer rides to enjoy in the park.

Disneyland Railroad – Sometimes there may be a wait for the train to come into the station (it gets much more popular in the late afternoon) but once you are on this ride there is no getting off of it until you want to.


Enchanted Tiki Room – A classic Disneyland favorite if you ask me. It’s easy to find, it has air conditioning and has cushioned seats for everyone. Also you can enjoy the refreshing Dole Whip you just bought from the Tiki Room waiting area.

Mickey and the Magical Map – This show is great! It’s cute, entertaining, and has great music that I think everyone enjoys. Located right across from the “It’s A Small World” ride and next to the Disneyland Railroad Toontown Station, is the huge outdoor but fully shaded theatre where this show takes place. Also food and drinks ARE allowed inside so you can enjoy the show while eating that Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream, no rush!

Ice Cream at the Mickey and the Magical Map Show!

Ice Cream at the Mickey and the Magical Map Show!

I’m sure that there are more places you may know of or prefer throughout the park, but these are just some of my family’s and friend’s favorite places.  I always hope that visitors enjoy their visit when going to Disneyland.  Please try not to rush everything or power through the leg pain from standing so much, sometimes to enjoy something even more, you need to stop and take a break…maybe even with a churro…