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101By D’land Diva

We have a little secret in the D’land Diva family: sometimes, we like to eat our meals at the hotels while we are visiting the Disneyland Resort. At Walt Disney World, it is a bit harder to eat meals at the resorts because of the proximity of the hotels to the parks. At the Disneyland Resort, the Grand Californian Hotel, the Paradise Pier Hotel and the Disneyland Hotel are all perfectly within walking distance of both Disneyland and California Adventure. For some folks, the fifteen minute walk might be a deterrent, but we sometimes like to have the break from the crowds in the parks.

One of our favorite places at the hotels to eat is White Water Snacks. This is a counter service restaurant/grill at Disney’s Grand Californian Resort. What makes this a family favorite?

1) Location. We have had no issue walking into the Grand Californian Hotel from the  California Adventure special entrance. This entrance is over by Grizzly River Rapids, on the other side of Soarin’ Over California. While there is a sign stating that the entrance is for hotel guests only, we have had no issue going back and forth through this entrance for dinner. This is not to say that this is always the policy. We simply show our tickets and they do a brief bag search and we are back in the park after eating. But even if this entrance were closed off to hotel guests only, it is a short walk out of the parks and only part of the way through Downtown Disney (right by the Sephora shop) to another entrance to the Grand Californian Hotel. From this entrance, it is fun to take in the ambiance of the hotel and make your way over to the pool where White Water Snacks sits outside the pool gates.

2) Ambiance. I love the craftsman style of the Grand Californian and White Water Snacks keeps within the theme. The tables and chairs are a rich wood, and the walls that pretty green color that somehow makes it seem like you are outdoors when you are indoors. There is plenty of seating in White Water Snacks, both inside and outside.111

3) Food Selection. Want a soda from a fountain? They have it. Want milk or juice? They have it. Want a breakfast pastry? A portable sandwich? Fruit? Yogurt? A salad? No? Well, then head on over to the grill and get a pizza, a chicken sandwich, or nachos with shredded beef or chicken. And the cost? Well, let’s just say you get a lot of food for your money at White Water Snacks!

105So, what is White Water Snacks? Think of the quick service dining locations at Walt Disney World, but with more selection. This is a breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack location. There are pre-made food options, as well as fresh off the grill choices. My favorite thing to eat at White Water Snacks is the Char Broiled Chicken Sandwich. This monster of a sandwich comes loaded with guacamole and a grilled Anaheim chili pepper. It has a wonderful southwest taste to it and the french fries it comes with play off of the mild spice nicely.

D’land Diva hubby really enjoys the shredded beef nachos. This meal consists of freshly fried tortilla chips piled high on your plate with plenty of melty cheese, spicy shredded beef or chicken, guacomole, sour cream and salsa. He also really enjoys the pepperoni pizza which is nicely grilled and has a nice crunchy crust.

For lunch and dinner there are also other tasty options such as hot dogs and burgers.

For the kids, there are hamburgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken nuggets, and a turkey sandwich. 113

All the meals come with a side of fruit or fries and the kids meals come with apples, carrots and a drink.

Kids meals will run you about $6.50 and the adult lunch and dinner menu runs between $7-$11. This is a great deal considering the amount of food you get and I think it is cheaper than most of the meals IN the parks.

But, if you happen to need breakfast, White Water Snacks also has you covered. Here you can find the infamous “Mickey Waffle,” french toast sticks, buttermilk biscuit sandwiches, an egg, bacon and potato breakfast plate and a huge breakfast burrito. Again, these dishes will run you about $7.

So, whether or not you are staying at the Grand Californian Hotel or not, consider checking out this mealtime alternative to eating the parks!