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By Wishes Diva

Have you always wanted to theme your kid’s room with something Disney related, but you aren’t sure where to start? Well, let this be your guide to getting started!

Tips for Creating Your Child’s Dream Room

Over the past few years I have done several different kid’s rooms with different Disney themes. Each time there were several different factors to how my husband and I decided what we were going to do. Here are the tips I have picked up on the way:

Diva Tip: Consider which aspect of Disney you are going to base your theme on. Will you use your favorite Disney movie? What about PIxar? Or are the Parks your thing? What about Marvel or Star Wars? What about Disney Channel shows or movies? All of these questions are a good place to start. It will help you narrow down and focus on which type of Disney you want to use in your room!

Diva Tip: Think about how long you want the room to last. When my son was born I knew that we were going to do Lion King for his nursery. I was also fully aware of the fact that his nursery would most likely be changed out close to the time he was two. So truly in the end we picked Lion King because it was one of our favorite movies, and we knew that our munchkin would be choosing something different soon enough.

Diva Tip: Use the existing wall color to your advantage when possible. When we moved my son out of the nursery and into his “big kid room” when we found out we were pregnant again, we used the existing walls to our advantage. We knew we wanted to do either Mickey Mouse or Winnie the Pooh. We had our little Mini Wishes Devo choose between these two options because the walls in his new room were already yellow. That made it easier when it came to moving, decorating and arranging things in the room. And it saved us time because we didn’t have to paint the entire room!

Tips for your child’s Disney dream room

Diva Tip: If it is a nursery, or a potentially shared bedroom, consider what your gender neutral options are. When we initially were planning for Mini Wishes Devo to be born 2 1/2 years ago, we had lengthy conversations about whether or not we would change the nursery if we had a girl next (which we did). When we chose the Lion King we knew that it was a possibility to keep the nursery as that theme for future children if we chose. In the end we ended up changing it but it was nice to have that option when we found out we were expecting our Little Wishes Diva princess.

Wishes Diva’s Tips for Creating Your Child’s Dream Room

From my perspective, some gender neutral theme options include: Finding Nemo/Dory (ocean), Winnie the Pooh, Inside Out, Lilo & Stitch, Lady & the Tramp and Toy Story (including Jessie). These are all movies I would use for either a boy or a girl.

Wishes Diva’s Tips for Creating Your Child’s Dream Room

Diva Tip: Don’t go overboard with character/Disney decorations. Adding a few Disney elements here and there is usually more than enough. You don’t want everything in the room to be in your face Disney. Find a balance. For example in our Lion King nursery we used movie and broadway items for decorating as well as “jungle” themed decorations. My son currently has a Winnie the Pooh room that is a little more “over the top” with what we hung on the walls, but there are also things that are more timeless as well. My daughters nursery is currently Finding Dory but also has ocean and underwater elements to it too.

Tips for your child’s Disney dream room

Diva Tip: Be creative and have fun with it! It doesn’t matter where you get your inspiration as long as you have fun with it! You might choose to do a few pictures and sheets, or go all out and paint characters all over the walls. Either way, putting your time and love in to it will make it super special for your kid!