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200px MickiPumb You might be a Disney Addict if


Author: The Disney Diva

You know you’ve got a PASSION for Disney when you sleep eat and breathe it. And you might just have crossed the line into addict by now!

Remember the old Jeff Foxworth comedy routines about “You might be a redneck if…”? I do!! Part of why they were so hilarious to me was because I live in the deep south and so many of them were TRUE (however, I have lived in other parts of the country and have found there are just as many red-necks y’all just call them something different). (SIDE NOTE: I mostly write Disney World stuff. I’m sorry if that bothers you Disneyland folks, but I don’t know enough about your park to write about it with consistency).

So (once again) I was awakened with a post idea….

You might be a Disney addict if…

1. You are already planning your child’s (born or unborn) wedding at the Walt Disney World wedding pavilion. (complete with reception at Grand Floridian and horse-drawn princess carriage).

2. You have every seriously considered paying someone going on a Disney trip to bring you a Dole Whip or Turkey Leg 3. You have at least one Christmas tree that has nothing but Disney Christmas ornaments on it.

4. You would never EVER marry someone who said they didn’t want to go to Disney World or Disneyland.

5. The majority of posts you regularly see on Facebook feeds (due to the new frequency of interaction policy) have something to do with Disney.

6. You’ve ever gotten into a serious argument about whether its more important to go get fast passes for Soarin’ or Test Track when first entering Epcot or Toy Story Mania vs Tower of Terror vs Rockin’ Rollercoaster.

7. You’ve ridden in the single-rider line even though you were with a “party” of people. (Every man/woman/child for themselves.)

8. You watch the Disney Vacation Planning DVD’s even though you know every single tip they could offer you.

9. You have a Disney Visa that you pay off monthly just so you can use the points for food/ souvenirs in the park.

10. You have a SECOND Disney Visa that you use JUST to book vacation packages so you can get 6 months no-interest.

11. You would DIE to have your backyard chosen for “My yard goes Disney”

12. You half hate/ half love Samantha Brownbecause she gets to go to Disney all the time.

13. You make your kids/ significant other/ family get up and watch the Disney Christmas Parade.

14. You know that the names on the windows on Main Street USA are almost all people who worked with Walt in planning Disney World.

15. You’ve ever thrown a coin to a yeti statue in the line for Expedition Everest.

16. You’ve encouraged someone going to WDW to try “Beverly” at Coke’s “Club Cool” because its… um…. delicious (snicker, snicker)

17. You know that if you wait too long to get ADR’s you don’t have a prayer of getting a table at O’hana (for dinner), Le Cellar (for anything), or California Grille (during fireworks) or Cinderella’s Royal Table.

18. You refuse to do the math on Disney Vacation Club vs how much you’ve spent in trips so far because you know it would make you weep.

19. You see a woman with a Disney tote bag or purse on the street in “the real world” and know exactly which store it came from.

20. Almost every hat or visor you own has a Disney character on it.

21. As SOON as you book your next trip you set a count-down widget somewhere on your computer or phone so you’ll always know “how many days till”.

22. One of your favorite things to do while at WDW or Disneyland is to take pictures on your cell phone and text (or upload them to Facebook) your friends who AREN’T there with you!!! (come on, rubbing it in is half the fun!!)

23. You no longer notice the people in the park wearing fanny-packs.

24. You can do Animal Kingdom in 1/2 a day.

25. You have ever been jealous of the college kid working in the hot sun in a polyester outfit of some sort because “at least they work at DISNEY”.

26. You know how to make all 4 of the animal sounds at the Festival of the Lion King.

27. You know that Off Kilter has one heck of a bagpipes player.

28. You are seriously MAD that the child Chinese acrobats contract was not renewed.

29. You fully believe that a Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar really does taste better than a regular vanilla icecream “dipped” cone.

30. You collect “rare characters” photos and autographs.

31. You’ve ever gotten a hair-cut at the Harmony Barbershop on Main Street.

32. You notice “hidden mickey’s” everywhere!!! (my kids are constantly yelling loooook… hidden mickey mom!)

33. You’ve seen at least one celebrity (and their tour guide) in the parks.

34. You have your own “secret spot” for parade viewing , fireworks & using the bathroom that you don’t want to share with anybody because then it will get busy.

35. You get really irritated when you pick the “slow” fast pass distribution line.

36. You know the name of the “purple dragon” on the Imagination ride and when to hold your nose (and close your eyes)

37. You know that Mulan isn’t actually a Princess, that “sleeping beauty” has a name, and that Snow White’s Prince does NOT.

38. You know which rides the Imagineers SERIOUSLY need to consider updating.

39. You have ever cried/ teared up while watching Wishes!

40. You learned about what hydroponics was from riding “The Land” and you REALLY want a Mickey shaped pumpkin!

41. You ALWAYS pack your own ponchos.

42. You know which horse is “Cinderella’s horse” on the Carousel.

43. You can sing the music that plays in the “Innoventions” area at Epcot.

44. You know what parts of the safari to hold on a little tighter for.

45. You know when you see two vultures to put your hands up in the air because its going to be a Loooooong way down!

46. You know where to shoot on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin & Toy Story Mania in order to get the most points.

47. You know that Dinosaur is, for serious, the scariest ride at Walt Disney World!

48. You have thought of a question that YOU would ask Crush if you were the “dude in the yellow shell”. (my husband always tries to get my kids to ask Crush if turtles taste like chicken. They never will).

49. You know where the sky-way buckets use to be.

50. If you are STILL reading this post and laughing to yourself, you MIGHT be a Disney Addict!

I could go on and on and on. You will have to wait till next time. If you have any share them with us in the comment box below.