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Last March my family and I took a “split” Disney Trip. My daughter and I were going for the Leap Year Celebration and my spring break (the university I work for had a different spring break than my sons school system), and then the boys were coming the next week. We had about three days of overlap where we were all together.
Not long after I left my husband and son decided to go to Animal Kingdom and try some of the things they’d not done before. So they decided to hop the Wildlife Express train and head out to Rafiki’s Planet Watch. Now, we had been to this area before, once, in the pouring rain, but it was just to see Stanley which my son was obsessed with at the time.
Now, as a 4th grader, my son was obsessed with SCIENCE. So when they began looking around the Wildlife Tracking Center he and his dad were genuinely excited about everything they were seeing. A cast member saw how they were excited and asked them if they would like to be the “Family of the Day”. Apparently they only choose one family each day to actually come back into the tracking center and see things up close and personal.
So basically my two little science nerds got a personal tour from a naturalist of the Wildlife Center. They played a little game where Diva son had to match the “Feces to the Species”. Thats him holding Elephant Poop… nice. They also taught them about the bands they were putting around the elephants necks that would record the frequencies that the elephants used to communicate with one another. Basically they got shown around and allowed to ask any questions the wanted for about 30 minutes – hour of the scientists. Pretty neat.
So if you have a little future- vet or are just an intense animal lover make sure you look EXTRA interested when you’re exploring Rafiki’s Planet Watch. You never know, you might just be selected the Family of the Day and have a special pin and certificate given to you to prove it!