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By Pink Diva

Baby Care Centers are a great bonus feature if you are visiting Disney with little ones.  They are a luxury when you have been away from home for a few days.  The Baby Care Centers have everything you need for a little time-out with your little ones.


Baby Care Center










There is one Baby Care Center in each of the four parks at Walt Disney World along with Disneyland Park and Disney’s California Adventure Park.  Most are located near the front of the parks.  They are available from open to close.  The staff is courteous, kind and knowledgeable.


Baby Care Centers are designed to help you care for your little ones.  From feeding to changing, to taking a small break, the Baby Care Center is your one stop shop!  Baby Care Centers have a kitchen with everything you need to feed your little one.  Need a microwave to zap something quickly?  No problem!  Stove top to heat something up?  They have one of those as well.  Wishing you could use your bottle warmer from home?  Don’t worry, they have one of those as well!  Along with hot and cold water this kitchen will make your feel at home.


Baby Care Center Kitchen













Now that you have made your little one something to eat and drink they need a place to sit and eat.  The Baby Care Centers have your covered.  They have a little room filled with small tables, chairs, high chairs and chairs for adults.  The room also has a tv playing a Disney movie (it’s been Frozen the last couple of times we stopped in) and books available for kids to look through.


My kids love coming in here. It’s usually quiet and they can move around by themselves a little bit.











TIP:  Some babies are too distracted to eat in the parks.  The Baby Care Centers are usually quiet and calming.

If you are nursing your little one they have nursing rooms as well.  The nursing rooms are quiet and private.  The rooms have always been occupied when we have stopped in, so I can’t give you information on what they look like or how comfortable they are.


Nursing Room










TIP:  Stop off at night on your way home from the park.  There is plenty of space to change kids into their pajamas, pack up for the trip out and refill drink cups.

Changing your little one is never fun.  In a traditional bathroom, there usually is a small changing table, no place to put your baby bag, and a line.  Not in a Baby Care Center!  They have a whole room dedicated to your changing needs.  It has several large padded changing tables, paper liners and trash cans.  There is enough space for all of your stuff and child.  They also have a few cute decorations around the room.


This is half of the changing room. There are a few more tables as well.











TIP: Strollers are not allowed in the Baby Care Centers.  Parking is right outside, but you need to take in everything you need.

The last hidden gem in the Baby Care Centers is the bathroom.  I have only seen a Women’s bathroom in them, but they are generally located near restrooms.  The toilets in these bathrooms are smaller than average toilets.  Great for little ones!  There are usually only 2-3 stalls, so unless you are already in the Baby Care Center you would want to use one of the public Women’s bathrooms.

Baby Care Center

My 39′ inch daughter with one of the toilets.













TIP:  Most of the toilets in the Baby Care Centers are flushable.  They are great if your little one is scared of the automatic flushers.


Baby Services













If you find yourself without a baby item, don’t despair!  They have you covered.  For a small fe,e they have everything you would need for your little one.  Your child threw her pacifier in the water during “It’s a Small World”?  or your son is teething and is going through diapers and clothes at lightening speed?  These incidents don’t have to ruin your vacation.  Turn to your trusty Baby Care Center to save the day!