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By D’land Diva

Truth be told, the one place we always visit every time we go into Disneyland or California Adventure is the Baby Care Center. This is THE place to go for all things baby in the park. It is here that you can nurse in peace, buy baby supplies, wash out bottles and sippies, get fresh filtered water and change your baby on nice, cushioned changing tables.

At Disneyland, the Baby Care Center is located near the end of Main Street, right across from the famous Red Wagon Corn Dog Cart. It is also next to the photo shop and First Aid Center. There is a place out front to park your stroller, as they do not allow strollers inside the center.

Once inside, you will be greeted by some very friendly cast members who will direct you to your destination. There is sometimes a wait on really crowded days. If this happens, there is a nice lobby in which you can sit and wait until there is room for you.

Directly inside the Baby Care Center is a waiting area for toddlers and older children. There is a table and chairs with books and sometimes coloring material. Directly ahead is a kitchen, which houses a microwave, sink, filtered water and dish soap where you can wash out bottles, sippies or clean anything else that needs cleaning. The kitchen shelves are stocked with baby items like diapers and wipes, food and formula, as well as diaper rash cream. This will cost you though! In an emergency, however, it is nice to know that these supplies are available for purchase. There are a few high chairs right outside the kitchen, which make for a nice air conditioned or heated, quiet and less stimulating lunch or dinner break for your baby.

To the right of the kitchen is a wall and a curtain. This houses the nursing area. There are comfortable, padded, wicker chairs for nursing momsin this room. The chairs face forward for privacy. It is a private nursing area, therefore no siblings or dads are allowed. I have nursed more than a few times here, and it is a preferable option for those mothers who need to nurse in a quieter, more private environment. Again, it also has the advantage of being air conditioned or heated (does anyone else’s baby get hot during nursing?).

Right outside the nursing area, next to the kitchen, is the changing room. There are several padded changing tables with paper covers on them for sanitary purposes. The cast members will change the papers for you. There are also two small toilets for children under 42 inches tall to use. These are especially helpful for potty training children!

Finally, here is a big Diva Tip: There is a drinking fountain next to the children’s waiting area with ice cold water and cups. This is a refreshing treat on a hot day!

The Baby Care at California Adventure is also a welcoming place for nursing, changing and feeding. It is located next to the new Ghirardelli Soda Fountain(an added bonus!), about mid-way through the park in the Wharf section of the park. It offers much of the same services as the Baby Care Center at Disneyland, but with a few extra conveniences. Diva Tip: There is a family bathroom inside this center!

The California Adventure Baby Care Center also offers a private nursing area. Yes, there are two rocking chairs behind curtains here, each chair behind a curtain. There is also a table beside the rocking chair to store your gear. This is absolutely my favorite place at the Disneyland Resort to nurse!

Another Diva Tip: If you need to pump, both nursing areas at the Disneyland Resort offer an area with an outlet to do so. In California Adventure, you can pump alone in the very private nursing area, which I feel is an added extra bonus.

Check out the Baby Care Centers the next time you visit the Disneyland Resort!