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Author: Budget Diva

Each park at Walt Disney World has a Baby Care center to enjoy and is one of the best kept secrets at WDW. Baby Care Centers are a great place to nurse your little one, change a diaper, heat up a bottle, or just cool off from the heat. They even have miniature potties for little ones just learning to “go”.

Hollywood Studios baby care(photo courtesy of

The baby care center at Hollywood Studio’s is by far my favorite care center. It has two private nursing stations complete with a privacy curtain, rocking chair, and bench. The lights are controlled by you and have a dimmer, so you can nurse in a darker space if you prefer. The baby care center is located at the entrance to the park and I found them to be wonderful.

The baby care center at Magic Kingdom is located beside the Crystal Palace. This care center is much bigger than the one at Hollywood Studio’s, however, it does not offer individual private nursing stations. They have a private room with 5 rocking chairs set up for nursing mom’s. Then there is a separate room with changing tables (all of which were very clean). There is also a small bathroom with small toilets that do not automatically flush (these are very child friendly).

I just wish that there were several baby care centers located throughout the park. I did find it was a little bit annoying to have to trek all the way back to the front of the park in the heat to change a diaper. There are places in each of the bathrooms where you can change diapers, but they’re not as padded and comfy as the baby care centers. I am very thankful that they offer this amenity for parents.