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                                                                  By Diva999
         Every year parents are faced with the dilemma of “what are we going to do this year for little Johnny’s or Susie’s birthday?” You could, spend hours in the bouncing house of fun, chasing after your child’s screaming friends. Possibly, you could go the local overpriced putt green. Oh wait, there is always that pizza place that smells like melted crayons. Fear not, I have your answer! Ditch the typical crowed kiddie birthday scene, and head to The Happiest Place on Earth- Disneyland.
When celebrating a birthday at Disneyland your child is one of the luckiest people in the park.  Be prepared for friendly smiles and birthday wishes from every cast member you see. As soon as you step through the gates head over to City Hall and ask about a birthday button. This special button lets everyone at the Disneyland Park know that today is your child’s special day.  Your child will be beaming with joy and they will think you are the coolest parents.

 Now you’re probably thinking that this sounds like a really great idea. But what about the cake, and the candles, and the birthday party gifts. Here are some sure fire tips and tricks to make sure your child has the best birthday ever.
Dinning – Celebrating a special birthday dinner or lunch at Disneyland is as simple as a phone call away. All you need to do is call the Disneyland reservation line at (714)781-3463. They will set everything up for you.  There are also breakfast celebration options as well if that works better for your family.  Your child can dine with their favorite character, or sit on the bank of the Bayou. Keep in mind to secure the time that works best for your child, all full service restaurants will take reservation up to 60 days from your specific date.
         Cake – If you are planning to have a celebration lunch or dinner, at a full service restaurant you can order a special cake. Just call 72 hours ahead of time to the Disneyland reservation line they have lots of options to choose from, including sugar free. This is not for every family, so if you’re in the mood to just grab a quick bite and get back to the rides there are many dessert items in the park to enjoy that can be just as special.

Gifts – If you are driving or flying to a magical birthday celebration space is always an issue. So don’t plan of packing that pony you bought for your child. Instead go the easy way, a Disney gift card for your child to spend in the park. They get what they want, not the silly knit sweater you’ve been working on for six months. If you are staying at the resort and you want to add even a bit more magic, you can call the dream maker team at (714) 781-4438. They have anything and everything you can think of to make your child birthday shine. They will even bring celebration packages to good neighbor hotels. Just be sure to call them and order 72 hours ahead of the special delivery.

Special touches – So now that all the big things have been handled it’s on my personal favorite thing. The special touches that your family can do to make your child’s birthday personal. Our family always purchases or makes a birthday banner for our hotel room. Get it set up the night before so when your child wakes up they see it. You can also put a birthday sign on the outside of your hotel door to let everyone know it’s your child special day. Decorating your car might be a fun option as well. In our family we make birthday hats and out of construction paper and we all wear them down to breakfast. Silly I know, but if you are headed to a room that has free coffee, I would do just about anything.


So, in conclusion you the parents have a choice. You can sit for hours on end at those special kiddie birthday venues, were your child will eat way to much candy, get really cheap gifts, and be up for hours on a sugar high. Or perhaps you can create the best birthday celebration ever. Whatever you choose do it Disney style, a little pixie dust goes along way.