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Author: K-Diva

I firmly believe that many magical trips to Disneyland have set me up to eat around the world at Epcot in Walt Disney World during my upcoming trip. It’s as if I’ve been training for a big race all these years by shoving dole whips and caramel corn in my mouth.
So today I’m going to tell you my Top 5 “must eats” at Disneyland. Some of these have been surprises to people that I know, little gems of food wisdom. I hope you will feel the same way.

1.Coffee & Sweets on Main Street. Many people don’t know that if you buy a cup of coffee on Main Street in Disneyland your refills are free ALL DAY. Yes from 8am until after the fireworks you can get your mojo on with regular, vanilla, or hazelnut flavored free refills. Good to the last drop!
Also, try the place in the photo (aka my hidden secret for the best fudge and cookies in all of Disneyland). I make sure to stock up for the whole weekend when we go here with white chocolate raspberry cookies and peanut butter fudge.
2. Baked potatoes the size of my face! Over by Small World you will discover a little stand that sells the most delicious baked potatoes. They are currently about $6.00 , weigh close to a small child, and come in a few variations. My personal favorite is the broccoli cheese. The broccoli is al dente so it’s not too soggy and the cheese has the perfect consistency. It’s a nice break from anything fried and at least you’re getting a veggie or two in there.
3. Dole whips! As mentioned before, the line for dole whips sometimes out numbers the line for Indiana Jones but I promise it’s worth it! They’re not too sugary and are the perfect treat on a warm day…well, any day for that matter! In fact, buying these are never an accident. “Is it Dole Whip time yet?”

4. Churros! Churros don’t really need an explanation. They are about 3 bucks and as long as my arm. Worth it. Love it. Must have it.
5. Eating at the Blue Bayou. This really isn’t an “item” but Pirates is a ride near and dear to my heart. If you can, make a reservation and defiantly enjoy this place for yourself. The Monte Cristo sandwich is supposed to be the best ever, since I don’t eat meat, I tried the salmon and was not disappointed.
So there you go! Must Eats of Disneyland. Do you have a favorite Disneyland treat?