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Guest blog by Ben Kalle. Ben is a writer for Disneyland Florida is place to learn about Florida’s very own “Disneyland” and tips on how to enjoy your time there. Thank you Ben for your article.

When you booked your family into Fort Wilderness you are expected to treat them into a great camping vacation, but since it is inside Disney World it will be a “different” camping experience. This is because you can enjoy nature and the fantasy rides and entertainment within the area.

Be Ready for Camping
Bring all necessary camping gear. The basics are tents, sleeping bags, insect repellants, first aid kits and flash lights. Also bring matches and lighters for outdoor cooking. Water is also important even if the resort can provide it. Since it is a camping activity it is best to go by the Boy Scout’s motto: be prepared.

Get a list of camping activities
Campfire is a great activity because you can then have several other activities while having the campfire. Physical activities like games will keep your kids on their feet. But be sure to provide good prizes. You can also create a scavenger hunt but you have to plan this out when your kids are not around. It will take time and effort to hide all the goodies in your area and to create a map and a set of clues, but its worth it. Another good activity is outdoor cooking, but be sure to let your kids help you with it. Make sure you ask the front desk when you check in what activities they have scheduled for your time there.

Get a schedule of Disney World Activities
Fort Wilderness is completely surrounded by the rest of the Disney World resort. So grab a copy of the schedule of activities and attend the ones your kids will enjoy, but remember you will have to have to pay admission to get into the parks. Remember to secure your camp site first before leaving it for the day. Make sure you return to camp earlier to prepare to make a campfire.

I believe that the focus of your camping trip should be more on camp activities and a little bit on Disney entertainment. Since a camp setting is not something your kids will experience everyday it is best to let them really enjoy the experience and there are many experiences at Ft. Wilderness they can explore.