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By: Disneylove Diva

Disney World!!! 2013 (42)Welcome to the Country Bear Jamboree! Here you will find sing a longs, singing bears, and funny entertainment.

This 16 minute show in Frontierland has toe tapping music and 18 animatronics that entertain you the entire 16 minutes. The songs that the Country Bears perform will be stuck in your head during your whole day at the Magic Kingdom.

This show is great for any and all ages of your family. There are no height requirements for this attraction. The scare factor is 1. This attraction is handicapped accessible. You may remain in your wheelchair/ECV. Reflective captioning and assisted listening are available to those who are in need of it.

The great thing about this attraction is that it is indoors and air-conditioned! Kids will be fascinated by the singing bears and what songs they have to offer. Even the adults can enjoy the bits of humor thrown into the show. All ages will enjoy this show and want to see it again.

Quick Tip: The cast members working this show are very strict with the no flash photography rule. This show allows no flash photography until the show is over.

Disney World!!! 2013 (47)Most people bypass this attraction when they shouldn’t. Some may not be interested in a show about signing bears, but it usually has no wait, it has air conditioning, humor, and singing. Everyone who visits the Magic Kingdom should have this as a must do on their schedule while visiting the Magic Kingdom.

After the recent refurbishment, the Country Bear Jamboree is the home to 8 new Hidden Mickey’s. They can be found all inside and outside of this attraction. If you ask, the Cast Members can give hints as to where they are. See how many you can find!

There are many photo opportunities in this attraction. While waiting to enter the show, you are in a room that has drawings of all of the bears that are waiting for you inside. There is also a penny press machine, places to sit, and you can even drink while waiting. Be sure to take pictures of the drawings they are very interesting to see and something that you will want to remember.

This show can and will put a smile on your face. But don’t worry about not getting pictures of the bears, after the show, they open all 5 curtains and all of the bears come out for photos. They do this because of the strict no flash photography rule. Be sure to take advantage of all the curtains being open, sometimes they do not open the curtains if they are crazy busy. So if they are open, take plenty of pictures.

Disney World!!! 2013 (45) Be sure to visit this amazing show while in Frontierland. You will leave this attraction with a smile on your face and a song stuck in your head. This is a must see attraction and you do not want to miss this great opportunity to see singing bears. Enjoy the show and as the Country Bear’s say, “Y’all come back now, ya hear!”