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By: Disneylove Diva

IMG_0807Be prepared to laugh until your side hurts and water is coming from your one eye! That’s right, it’s time for Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. The Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor is found in Tomorrowland and is a must do while spending the day at the Magic Kingdom. This show offers laughs, entertainment, air conditioning, and you can even become part of the show.

Got a joke? Before entering the Laugh Floor, Mike Wazowski (your Monster of Ceremonies) will give you a number and key word and you can text your joke to him. Depending on how many other people texted their jokes, your joke can be told during the show and you will get full credit for making the audience laugh. But this isn’t the only way to be involved in the show. Throughout the show, the monster comedians will ask the audience members to answer their jokes. So if you want to be seen, be sure to do something or wear something that makes you stand out. This makes kids (and even adults) feel really special when they see themselves on the screen.

IMG_0822  This show is perfect for all ages from toddlers to seniors. Everyone can use a little laughter in their lives. This show is one that you will want to see over and over again. There are always new jokes with every showing. There is no flash photography allowed during the show. You may take pictures, but don’t use flash. You may remain in your Wheelchair/EVC. Assistive listening, sign language, and video captioning are available to those who need it. There is a scare factor of 1 on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being scariest). This show is really great for all ages.

They’re after your laughter: The whole point of the show is to provide Monstropolis with power. So the goal of the show is to fill the Laugh Can with laughter. In most shows the laughter is so strong, the can is over filling. The comedians for the show are Monsters University School of Laughing, so odds are they will make you laugh since they have a degree in laughter.


 Normally speaking, the Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor doesn’t have a very long wait time since the theater can hold 400 people. But on very busy days, the line can grow. Because of this and the all new Fastpass+, you can cut your wait time in half. Personally, I feel the best time to schedule to see this show is in the afternoon. Because it is hotter in the afternoons, most people are trying to find refuge in air conditioning and this show offers that. Sadly if you’re on the hunt for Hidden Mickey’s, you won’t find but one in this attraction. But nevertheless, this attraction is worth the time.


This amazingly funny show needs to be on everyone’s list of things to do while at the Magic Kingdom. So may think that the show won’t be funny because it is for kids. Wrong! This show is actually funny. The humorous jokes come in all different age ranges. Some only kids may understand and some only adults will understand. That is why this show is perfect for the entire family. Enjoy the show and be prepared to laugh!