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Every Christmas season for years I looked around at my kids and think “THEY DON’T NEED ANYTHING”. I mean, seriously, my kids have toys running out of their ears and most they don’t even play with. And what am I teaching them about this whole Christmas thing?! So much of American Christmas is wrapped around consumerism and BUY BUY BUY. I felt like I was getting sucked into the trap and was missing a lot of the joy that comes with the season.


So last year I decided things would be different! I decided we would spend the holiday season focused on giving back to other people…randomly…asking nothing in return. Not expecting a “present exchange” . Just giving. Smiling. And then walking away.


I found a few posts on Pinterest that gave me ideas, added a few of my own, and ended up with a ribbon pinned to out kitchen wall with a “random act of kindness” card for EVERY DAY LEADING UP TO CHRISTMAS pinned on with a clothespin.


This year I decided to take it a step further, and SHARE the Challenge with you to give KINDNESS to your community as your holiday gift this year in the Disney 25 days of Christmas Kindness Challenge (AKA: D25Kindness)!


My writers and I put our brainstorming caps on to think of random acts of kindness that would cost very little (or nothing in many cases) and CHALLENGE all our readers to print them out and participate with us this year. We’ve even created printable cards for you to make your own advent-style count down to Christmas. We’ve also created a card you can print out and attach to your random act of kindness as small means of explanation for the recipient if you wish!


So, our suggestion to you… Pick 25 of these ideas that work for your family, print out and cut out the cards, and choose one each day from Dec 1 to Dec 25 to do for OTHERS this year!!! If you are able to snap a picture of you or your family on your random act of kindness mission please use the hashtag #D25Kindness on Twitter or on Instagram pics. This is not to bring attention to you, but to potentially inspire others to catch the fever and get on board with our challenge!

I can’t wait to see what you come up with! I think you’ll find much joy in the giving!!!

1) Rapunzel – Go in to a random hair styling location and give them $10.00 to use towards the next customer’s haircut. Ask them to give.

2) 101 Dalmatians – Take some cookies or other treats to your local Fire Department.

3) Mary Poppins – Volunteer to babysit for a friend/ family member so they can have a night out/ off.

4) Cinderella – Donate one pair of shoes from each member of your family to the local thrift shop.

5) Snow White – Take a bag of apples to a local nursing home

6) Winnie the Pooh – Take a jar of honey to an elderly friend or neighbor for toast.

7) Belle – Go through books that you have in your home and donate a few to a local school library.

8) Woody & Buzz – Take some cookies to a “buddy” for your family!

9) Ariel – SING Christmas Carols at a friend/ neighbors home or at local nursing home.

10) WALL-E – Take 20-30 minutes to pick up trash along a littered street.

11) Oliver and Company – Take a small bag of cat/dog food to a local pet shelter

12) Dumbo – Leave a bag of PEANUT-brittle in your mailbox addressed to your mail carrier.

13) Mulan – Say thanks to those HEROS who DEFEND us daily and take some goodies to your nearest police department.

14) The CLAW (from toy story) – get $5.00 in quarters and tape them to vending machines, gumball machines, arcade machines.

15) Pocahontas – Paint pictures with children (yours or someone else) and take them to a children’s hospital or nursing home.

16) Cars – Wash the car of a friend or neighbor.

17) Nemo –  Take toothbrushes/ toothpaste to a local homeless shelter. (dentist theme, get it?!)

18) Alice in Wonderland – Host a friend/neighbor for a Christmas Tea OR bring a hot

19) Frozen – Make some “Get Well” cards for people with COLDS and leave them sitting around in a doctor’s office or hospital waiting room.

20) Lady & the Tramp – Donate all the makings of a spaghetti dinner to a local food bank or fix dinner for a busy friend

21) Evil Queen – Write post it notes that compliment others (example: You’re awesome! You’re beautiful!! Have a great day!) and stick them up on bathroom MIRRORS in your office, house, or a local grocery store.

22)  Mrs. Potts – Take warm cocoa to an elementary school/ office secretary.

23) Beast – Take a rose to a friend or neighbor who you think could use some Christmas Cheer

24) Sleeping Beauty– Donate some old blankets/ bed sheets to a local shelter

25) Monsters Inc. – Hold DOORS for others every time you have the opportunity today.


Extra ideas:

Vanellope Von Schweetz – Take candy canes to a local pharmacy and hand them out to people waiting for prescriptions.

Mickey & Friends – Give a stuffed animal to the first child you see

Lion King – Donate a small stuffed Lion to a children’s charity (like toy’s for tots, etc)

Wardrobe from Beauty and the Beast – Go through your closet and donate clothes you don’t wear any more.

Lilo and Stitch – Donate a toy to the toy for tots program

Frozen– Donate winter coats to a local charity or homeless shelter

Aladdin– Donate to the “Make an Wish” foundation

Peter Pan – Donate some kids pajamas

Ratatouille – Bring dinner to a neighbor. Pick up the tab for a table full of soldiers or someone eating alone.

Up – Give balloons to your administrator/ front desk attendant

Be our Guest – Type up a great recipe and give it out to some workmates or strangers in the grocery store.

Ariel – Keep your mouth closed, don’t gossip or say anything negative about another person all day.

Tinkerbelle – BELIEVE in yourself and those around you. Give compliments openly and freely all day.

Pooh’s Blustery Day – Rake the yard of a friend or neighbor / Frozen – Shovel the snow for an elderly person

Disney Cast Members – try to go a whole day where you smile at everyone you pass.

Pluto – Donate to help sponsor a service dog.

Piglet – Knit or donate a scarf for a local homeless shelter

Goofy – Make it a point to make someone laugh or smile today.

Minnie – Make or buy hair bows/ headbands and donate them to a children’s hospital

Meet the Robinsons – Take a cup of coffee or a gift card to a teacher

Jiminy Cricket – Let your conscience be your guide and pick up the phone to say Merry Christmas to someone you haven’t spoken to for a while.

The Blue Fairy – Grant the wish of an elderly neighbor and offer to run an errand for them so they don’t have to get out that day.

**If you think of any please add them to the comments section!!

Feel free to click on these pictures, right click, and download them to your computer to print. set 1

set 2

set 3

d25K card

If you’re joining in on the challenge let us know in the comments and please share this challenge