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           Recently my mom and my grandma gave me the ok to go to disneyland by myself with my friends who are 17 and 16! We had a blast! Disneyland seems all new when youre not their with adults! But if youre worried about safety or anything like that here are the rules my parents made me follow:

  1. Act responsibly, this means be respectful to adults. And realize other people are on vacation.
  2. Check in every hour or two! Sometimes you’re riding a ride so you can’t always answer but make sure they call back!
  3. And if anything happens just ask a cast member to help you!

Nothing at all went wrong on this trip but if there was I knew I would be ok. I felt safe the whole time.

Tip! If you send your teen their with your credit card they will not be allowed to use it if it is not in their name. BUT you can get cash out of the ATM so give them your pin number!

Here is a step by step of how we spent our day:

  • We drove from San Diego all the way to Disneyland. It took about two hours. We made a Cd and jammed all the way their!
  • Once we got to the park, we decided to park in the Woody and Buzz lot. I highly recommend this because you don’t have to worry about levels and at the end of the day it is much easier to leave.
  • Our friends didn’t have a season pass like me. (my brother has a 3 day park hopper) So we had to buy tickets their. The problem was their dad sent them with his credit card and said it would be fine, WRONG disney employees will not allow you to use a credit card of anyone else if the name is not EXACTLY the even if you have the same last name. But you can use the ATM if you have a pin number.
  • So after that we make it to the gate. Where we have a problem with my brothers park hopper. It said we used all three days but we had only used two. We told the guy, he left went into the depth of disney and when he returned BAM we entered.
  • It was smooth ridin’ after that. We got a locker (7$) for a medium. 
  • Rode rides. Got fast passes. Had a lovely lunch at the Bengal BBQ. 
  • At about 9 we decided we would ride splash mountin 3 times so we could get the perfect picture. (that we didn’t buy. Dang teenagers;)  
  • The legendary photo.
  • Stayed at the park till 10. Bought souvinEARs. And headed out.

Overall I had a really great time and felt like I had never done Disney quite like that. I fully recomend it!

Stay Disney, Teen Diva!