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On Property – If you stay in a resort that is owned by Disney & Disney Transport is available (monorail, boat, or bus) then you are “on property”. There are four different levels: Deluxe, Moderate, Value & Vacation Club.

Off Property – Staying in any hotel/resort/ or house not owned by Disney.

Park – (my son suggested this one) Often people just call the different areas of Disney World “the park”. Smile

Park Hopper Tickets – Park Hopper tickets allow you to move from one park to the next for the same price. Single Park tickets force you to only stay in one park that day. If you have kids with large age gaps (4+ years) you really need a Park Hopper to keep everybody happy over the course of the day.

Photo Pass – Photo Pass is a service offered at WDW. Professional Photographers take pictures of your family and scan your photo pass card onto your picture is added digitally to your card. Then you go online and select which photographs you like. I have a whole huge post you can read about Photo Pass at THIS link

Pin Trading – A strange obsession that many Disney visitors pick up. People purchase collectable pins at stations and then trade with each other or, more commonly, with Cast Members. Cast Members have to trade with you. People get seriously addicted to this.

Queue – What Disney calls their “lines” for attractions.

Refillable Mug- A cup that you can buy purchase at your Disney Resort to get free refills on sodas, coffee & juice during your stay. The Mouse for Less (an awesome site) has a great article on the mugs you can read HERE.

Rider Swap – Rider Swap is when guests take turns waiting with youngsters too small to ride a certain attraction, then “swap” with another adult guest from their party to experience the ride without standing in line twice.

Snack – Items designated as “snack” by Disney Dining Plan. has a GREAT post about what are some commonly designated snacks or “grab and go”. Click HERE to read.

Spoke Wheel Design – The layout of the Magic Kingdom Park. The castle sits at the “hub” of the wheel and has spokes leading you to the different lands (Adventureland/Frontierland/Liberty Square/ Fantasyland/ Tomorrowland/ Mainstreet.

Stand By – The amount of time that cast members estimate that you would have to stand in line from the time you enter the queue to when you load onto the attraction. The estimate this by giving a random guest a red card to hold from the time they enter until they time they load on the ride.

Vacation Club Villas– If you have the money, or a connection you can use the points of a Disney Vacation Club member to stay in a Villa. Includes: Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas, Bay Lake Tower, Beach Club Villas, Old Key West Resort, Treehouse Villas, Wilderness Lodge Villas, Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa. They’re pretty sweet. We have stayed in Wilderness Lodge Villas & Saratoga Spring 2 bedroom villas and LOVVVVVVVED them. We have a friend who doesn’t stay as often any more so we just let him reserve our trip and pay him. Many people don’t know you can “rent” Vacation Club Members points off of them. You can read all about it HERE.

Value Resort – The Disney on a Dime way to stay on property. Includes: All-Star Movies, All-Star Music, All-Star Sports, Art of Animation (open in 2012), and Pop Century. Furthest out resorts. The rooms are exactly like any normal Hotel room you would rent at Holiday Inn or something like that. Advantage? USE OF DISNEY TRANSPORT. It saves you daily parking, makes it easier to get into the park, and gives you Extra Magic Hours. (Diva Favorite is Pop Century). TOP TIP: I would suggest you pay the small fee to go into a preferred room so that you are closer to where the dining/pools/buses are).

And there you go! Disney Defined in three easy posts.

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