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Hey there, Hi there, Ho there! You’re as welcome as can BE!

I’ve totally been visiting “insane world” this summer and I’m finding it hard to sit down and put together some really great information for Sisney world. But when my good friend D.O.C. (writes an excellent blog called the Disney Obsession) checked in just to see if I was still alive I knew I needed to post again.

Today I’m going to talk about buying buying PhotoPass pictures

Originally when I thought about Photo Pass I thought “What are you nuts?” I have my own ALREADY PAID FOR camera thank you very much. I can take my own pictures.”

Then I became more and more aware of the face that I WASN’T IN ANY OF THEM!

Photo Pass Photographers are ALL OVER DISNEY WORLD!Just look for the folks with the GIANT camera around their neck and a patch somewhere on their clothes that says Photo Pass. Keep up with the card that they give you. You could have one or two, but dont have like a zillion of them b/c they’re too hard to keep up with. We leave ours with our tickets in our little pouches.
When you get home You Go Online and View Photos

Go online and enter the I.D. number on your card. From there you can view, share and edit your photos, and order prints. For the best value, get all your photos on Disney’s PhotoCD!*

Then add whatever cool borders, etc you want. You can get as many as you’d like.

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting the CD. Its MUCH MORE value for your money and you can get one photo with 4-5 different borders all for the same cost. If you PRE-PURCHASE your CD then you save 20% off the cost, whis is really worth it. Pre-purchased the CD is $99.00. Then of course, you have to print all the pictures youreslf. BUT what a lot of people dont know is that there are some really COOL pics you can only get from Photo Pass Photographers. Here’s just a few of OUR favorite EXCLUSIVES.

See Tinkerbelle there in Grammy’s hand?

Stitch is there being his messy self with my son

Here’s my hubby crossing swordes with the mighty Capin’ Hook!

Awwww. Simba! It’s time for your nap!

These are just some of the cool shots that you cannot get ANWHERE with YOUR personal camera.

There’s one more reason for us to do photo pass..
This. A picture of my entire family, including my parents, all together.

Totally worth it!