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by D’land Diva

We in Southern California have been waiting a long time for the Fantasyland addition at the end of Main Street. It seemed like the construction walls that surrounded the area that used to be known for it’s musical performances by day and swing dancing on the weekends, would never come down.

When the new Fantasy Faire was finally revealed it was amazing! There is a new theater for storytelling, a new shop, a new specially designed food cart and perhaps the most important part of the new expansion for many- a new covered area for princess meet and greets!

The theming in this new area is quite elaborate. It is every inch fairytale village, from the Rapunzel tower that stands in the middle of the area to aptly named Maurice’s Treats wagon.

Here are some photos from the this newly designed area:

And here is what to look for when you visit!

Royal Theatre
You can see two different entertaining shows here, with multiple show times daily. These shows are surprisingly humorous and quite entertaining. They are also very popular! Diva Tip: Folks will start lining up in the half hour or so before the show. If you want seats you will need to get there early. 

The two shows are Beauty and the Beast and Tangled themed. The Tangled show in particular is worth the wait!

Maurice’s Treats
This cute little wagon houses some tasty treats including some different “twists” on some sweet and savory twisted bread sticks. The big hit here is the Apple Freeze. Yummy!

Fairytale Treasures
This new shop features many items for your little princess, including dresses and gifts.

The Royal Hall
Finally, the princesses have their own indoor palace at Disneyland! This is a terrific way to meet the princesses, with the queue being covered with cooling fans to keep you cool and a nice air conditioned meeting area inside. The details in the hall are amazing, with rich colors and little touches like chandeliers. Each of the three princesses are in their own private section of the hall. This is a step above the usual meet and greet, with the princesses actively engaging in conversations and pictures. On the day that the D’land Diva family visited the Fantasy Faire, we were greeted by Cinderella, Ariel and Aurora.

So there you have it! The next time you are visiting Disneyland, be sure to check out this charming new section of Fantasyland!