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By: InspireDiva

When we go to Disneyland we almost always head straight to Space Mountain. It is a favorite ride for both my son and husband. We have been on it so many times that my stomach knows when to drop just from hearing the music. (I found this out because I bought a soundtrack of all of the Disneyland Park rides.) So you can only imagine what their reaction was to finding out that Space Mountain was getting a spooky Halloween makeover. Yep you guessed it- they were ecstatic!


So as per usual we got to the park and we headed straight to Ghost Galaxy. As we hustled our way through Tomorrowland, still in our “we just got to the park excitement”, we notice the first difference. It is a haunting sound and you can hear it out in Tomorrowland. It sets the tone for the ride before you even enter the line.


Diva Tip: This ride has a warning outside of it that states that it may be too scary for young children. Be advised it is much scarier than the regular Space Mountain version. My daughter who was sixteen is easily scared and it scared her the first time we went on it and even after going it on it multiple times, it startled her into screaming. You know your children best but the easiest way to prepare someone is to watch the ride on YouTube. You can find most of the rides there and you can prepare anyone that might be scared or nervous by watching at home before you leave. This will only be a way to prepare your child because it is so much bigger and more realistic in person.


The soundtrack is eerie and builds up the suspense as you prepare to launch into the ghostly galaxy then just as you are about to take off the ghost appears and with a ghostly roar the ride is electrified and you take off into thrilling and fast paced adventure. As you’re chased through the galaxy by the terrifying and fiery ghost. The ghost roars after you and always seems to be watching or reaching out to grab you with his burning hands as you race by just escaping his evil clutches again and again. He seems to be around every corner and just as it seems you will not escape this next time you are safe. Or are you…


51612850246The ride ends the same so at the end don’t forget to pose for the camera. Whether you want to do something silly or look or actually be terrified, you can find a way to make it your own. Make sure it is appropriate. We spoke with a cast member on our last trip when my hubby tried for kissing me in the photo but he timed it wrong and the picture looked like he was trying to choke me. When we commented to them about it the said that any photos that were deemed inappropriate were not shown and unavailable for purchase. (Our photo was deemed worthy.)


Diva Tip: When you purchase the Photo Pass Plus at Disneyland it includes ride photos and Space Mountain/ Ghost Galaxy is one of those rides. When you walk out and see your photo take note of the photo number whether you just remember it or take a photo of it. Then give that number to the cast member at the photo desk. They will input it and then scan that photo onto your card. Also, when you purchase this pass you receive either a CD or download version of your photos that have been added to you Photo Pass Plus throughout your trip. Rides, Character Meals, anytime a Disney Photographer takes your photo. You can also add regular Photo Pass photos onto your Photo Pass Plus. So if you happen to get separated from the rest of your group you can add the photos onto your pass later.


51612850026  Ride Info:

You must be at least 40” tall to ride this ride and anyone under the age of 7 years must be accompanied by someone 14 years or older.

Appropriate for kids, teens, and adults.

This ride is a dark ride and includes big drops and sharp turns.

This is a FASTPASS ride and you can get them on a first come first serve basis. There are a limited number of passes each day so get while the getting is good. If you don’t have one the wait can reach up to an hour plus.

This ride is wheelchair accessible, you enter through the exit and follow the arrows to the left and ask a cast member for loading instructions.

This ride gets a resounding thumbs up from everyone in my family including my scaredy cat daughter. We all think that it is even better than the original. So if you happen to be at Disneyland during Halloween Time make sure you stop by Ghost Galaxy it will be a scream.