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By Soarin’ Diva

Disney’s Coronado Springs: A Review

My husband and I have a dream of staying in all of the resorts on Walt Disney World Property. Admittedly, we have a long way to go if we want to make this dream come true, but who knows what the future will hold. We have always wanted to stay at Disney’s Coronado Springs, one of their resorts classified as a “moderate resort”, but we have never taken that plunge because, honestly, it seemed overly large and too far from the parks.  I had my chance to stay at Coronado Springs this March when my son was chosen as one of this years Disney Dreamers and we were placed in this resort for the event.

Resort check-in at Disney's Coronado Springs

Hidden Mickey at Coronado Springs

As my son and I entered the lobby and headed to check in for our stay, the first thing he did was point out the “hidden Mickey” very high up on the wall.  We loved how beautiful the whole area looked.  As usual, Disney designers went all out on detail, I’ve learned that they will never do less than the best in all of their designs.

After checking in, we headed for our room, which was miraculously ready for us well before the 3pm check in time.  This is where my review will really focus as we didn’t have time to check out any of the resort extra’s like the pool area or anything.

Disney's Coronado Springs has queen size beds

Queen Beds

As we entered the room, my first impression was how clean and streamlined everything looked.  The newly refurbished rooms all have hardwood floors now, which I personally like, but I know many others aren’t fond of that aspect.  My son and I each had a queen size bed to spread out in, complete with a towel Mickey head.  My favorite part is the Three Caballeros pictures hanging between the beds.  It’s all in the details folks.

Disney's Coronado Springs room

Large television, desk and coffee maker

Disney's Coronado Springs room has large televsions


Disney's Coronado Springs large wall mirror

Wall mirror

Unlike the other moderate resorts, which have a table and two chairs, Coronado Springs has a large desk that spans most of one wall.  The desk holds a lamp and the all the supplies you need for that morning cup of coffee, as well as a dresser built-in to store your clothes and a very large television which hangs above the desk.  Under the left side of the desk was the mini fridge to keep your drinks chilled, which is always handy when you are taking water to the parks.  Just past the desk is a large mirror mounted on the wall.  It doesn’t take much to excite me, but this did. Not that I’m vain & love looking at myself in the mirror, but normally I have to fight with the bathroom door to see if I put my clothing on straight in the mornings.  Having the mirror out in the open made it easier for me to get my quick glance to make sure all was in place before I left for the parks.

Disney Coronado Springs sink area

Double sinks in the bathroom

From there, we checked out the bathroom area.  As with all moderate resorts, the sink room features two sinks, which of course is helpful when more than one person is trying to get ready in the morning.  With all of the cabinets and cubby spaces, it definitely seemed like there was a lot more storage than I have had in other Disney resorts.  Of course, stored in the larger cabinet is an area to hang your clothes, an ironing board and an iron, and there is a hair dryer tucked in the cabinets at the sink.

Disney's Coronado Springs is the only Moderate resort that leaves aloe gel, hair nets and mouthwash along with soap and lotion in the sink area

Check out all the goodies in the sink area

Remember how I mentioned that it doesn’t take much to excite me?  Check out all the goodies that you get on the sink ledge at Coronado Springs. No other moderate resort I’ve stayed at on Disney property has left more than hand soap and lotion. At Coronado, you get the soap, lotion as well as aloe gel for those pesky sunburns, mouthwash and a hair net of all things.

Disney Coronado Springs shower wall

Shower wall

Disney Resorts now feature these toiletries mounted to the shower walls

Shampoo, conditioner and body wash

Disney's Coronado Springs shower have luxury shower heads

Luxury shower head

Moving on to the shower area, as is becoming the norm in all of the Disney Resorts, the shampoo, conditioner and body wash has been mounted on the shower wall in large containers instead of having small bottles.  It doesn’t particularly bother me, however I do find it difficult to pump enough of the liquids out to use, it seems to take forever to get the amount you need out of these bottles.  I generally bring my own shampoo and conditioner though, so it’s not a huge issue for me.  I do love the shower heads, they seem more upscale and a bit of a luxury.

Not pictured is the room safe, which was in the bedside table nestled between the two beds, so don’t worry, there is a place to keep your valuables out of harms way!

Disney's Coronado Springs nachos have quite a following.

Nacho’s from El Mercado De Coronado

My only negative of our stay was our first meal of nachos at El Mercado De Coronado, a quick service dining option.  I had heard so much about these nachos, they appear to have their own following.  To me they were….okay.  I could get the same thing at my local Little League snack counter, so I wasn’t sure why everyone raves about them, but to each their own.  I will say that the next night I enjoyed one of the best hamburgers I have had on Disney property at the same restaurant, so please, don’t take my blasé attitude toward the nachos as a bad review for the dining there at all.

Disney's Coronado Springs offers many beautiful views

Beautiful at night as well

Disney's Coronado Springs offers many beautiful views

Coronado Springs

Disney's Coronado Springs has beautiful details everywhere

Fountain at Coronado Springs

The little bit of outdoor scenery I got to see was absolutely beautiful.  I encourage you to take a walk around the grounds if you visit Coronado Springs, you won’t be disappointed!  Despite my misgivings about the resort being too large or too far away from the parks, I found those to not be an issue at all and I would certainly stay at Coronado Springs in the future!

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