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Author: Canadian Diva

If you are rushing from “Kilimanjoro Safaris” in Africa, to get fastpasses to “Expedition Everest” in Asia, you may miss a DIVINE intervention!

Be completely surprised and mesmerized by this elegant, 16 Foot Tall greenery which will suddenly pop up and appear from out of the tropical foliage. A chameleon of sorts, she camouflages so well with the lush theming of Animal Kingdom, she would even make Rapunzel’s “Pascal” blush!

DiVine is a beautiful, subtly seductive, towering cluster of leaves, twines and greenery .

DiVine can creep up on you and intrigue you as your eyes fixate at her flexible and acrobatic movements. She slightly teases some as well, with her fluidity and gracefulness.

Some Disney Vacationers say she is one of the best Disney “Street” performers in WDW.

I say, she is surely captivating.

Since encountering DiVine would be an element of surprise, exact times would not be listed. You can usually “spot” her from 10:00 – 11:00am or 12:00 – 1:00pm between Africa and Asia. Appearances and times are subject to change. If you are interested in meeting this tapestry of enticing elegance, try asking a Cast Member to help you be on the look out for her.
She does not speak or sign autographs, so have your camera ready!