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D’land Diva’s Favorite Quick Service Eats at Disneyland
By D’land Diva

There are times when the D’land Diva family wants to have a nice leisurely trip to Disneyland and there are times when we want to go on a lot of rides and don’t really want to bother with sitting down to eat for an extended period.

Since we have a three year old and a nine month old, we have been opting for quick meals as of late. There is also the cost to consider. For a family of four, it can easily be $50 or more to sit down and eat at a counter service restaurant. However its closer to $30 at a quick service place.

So here is a quick run-down of our favorite quick service places to eat and why:

1) Rancho Del Zocalo, Frontierland. This Mexican eatery has tacos, burritos, roasted chicken, soup and a delicious tostada salad. In general, the meals are around $9- $13 per person (drinks extra). For toddlers, there is a great chicken and rice meal that my picky eating three year old LOVES. Kids meals are around $6 each, and they offer a bean and cheese burrito or a chicken taco. Toddler meals, which are smaller than the kids meals, run about $4. The food is plentiful and yummy. Your main dish will come with rice and beans and a side of guacamole, pico de gallo, lettuce and sour cream. Water cups are free so be sure to ask! The best thing about eating here is the scenery. It is right next to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, which is live entertainment for my kids.

2) Red Rockett’s Pizza Port, Tomorrowland. This Italian eatery has pasta, pizza and salads. We are not huge fans of the pizza, but the pastas and salads are out of this world. You CAN order a whole pizza for your family here, which is cost efficient and fun. You can also order a pasta dish and side salad or bread sticks with marinara sauce and split the meal with someone else. When D’land Diva hubby and I were dating, we would split a pasta with marinara sauce and bread sticks so that we had room for dessert later! The kids options include spaghetti, pizza or D’land Diva’s kid’s favorite chicken and rice cup. Again, you are looking at an average of about $9 per person to eat with drinks extra. Kids meals are around $6 as well.

3) Hungry Bear Restaurant, Critter Country. Some of my earliest memories of eating at Disneyland were here, because the scenery along the Rivers of America is phenomenal. This is another great place with live entertainment for the kids, between the ducks, the canoes and the Mark Twain and Columbia ships passing by. The food here consists of burgers, chicken sandwiches, a fried green tomato sandwich (which I understand is REALLY good), and salads. The onion rings are sinfully delicious, as are the sweet potato fries, which the D’land Diva hubby found surprisingly good. Meals run about $9-$10 a person. Kids meals include chicken nuggets, burgers and the kids power pack. The kids power pack includes a yogurt, cheese crackers, string cheese and apple slices. Kids meals are around $6. There is also the option of a toddler meal here, which is good for those kids who do not eat a whole lot and those meals run for about $4.
Happy eats and go make some memories!