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The United Kingdom pavilion at Epcot.

British Diva

 I thought it ought to be me who gives you my musings on the UK pavilion; after all who better than a true Brit?!

It really is an impossible task to give visitors a flavour of England, Northern Ireland Scotland & Wales all wrapped into one, but even without a ‘major’ attraction to demonstrate our diversity I reckon that those clever Disney imagineers have succeeded in providing a snap shot of home.

When viewing World Showcase we always go against the grain, walking anti clock wise. It makes practical sense to do this as soon as World showcase opens at 11am, as most folk will tackle things the other way around.  The UK will be your 2nd stop right after your whistle stop tour of Canada.

Another train of thought is to enter via International Gateway, which is situated between the UK & France pavilions.  You can arrive at EPCOT’s ‘backdoor’ either on foot, or by boat from the nearby resorts or Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Eating and Drinking

It’s a well documented fact that most English, Irish, Scotch & Welsh natives like their pint of beer and keeping them well supplied with this most welcome chilly ice cold beverage is the Rose & Crown Pub.  Everyone bangs on about the pub’s beer garden as being the perfect spot to view Illuminations from, and believe me they aren’t wrong; so be sure to secure your bench at least an hour before the show.  I mean, what more could you ask for?……Amazing pyrotechnics set to perfectly timed music and cold pint of beer!  If only they sold Cornish pasties, my evening would be complete.

Why not treat yourself to a takeaway fish and chip supper at the Yorkshire County Fish Shop which randomly also serves shortbread & beer? In fact, if they also provided freshly brewed tea they’d certainly have us forming an orderly queue which of course is a true British tradition!

Live Entertainment is amply provided by The Hat Lady at the Rose & Crown; this vibrant storytelling & singing pub pianist tickles the ivories most evenings. The British Revolution;  I’m disappointed to say that these guys are not actually British, however you should catch this band perform in the gazebo rocking out popular UK hits from the 1960’s to the 80’s, The World Showcase Players; laugh along with this comedy troop outside The Tea Caddy & be ready to be the next ‘star of the show’,  the Disney Characters that you are likely to greet are Winnie the Pooh & Friends, Alice in Wonderland & Mary Poppins.  As always, pick up a park times guide to aid you.

Stylish Shops

You can window shop to your hearts content in the many individual emporiums which are architecturally historical and styled quite beautifully.  Inside them you will find amongst other things being showcased Twinning’s teas, English Lavender, Thomas the Tank Engine and Winnie the Pooh.  You can even discover your families crest and purchase a copy to proudly display back in your own castle!
Did you forget to pack your favourite football team shirt?  Fear not, there’s a sports shop serving our national obsession.  Remember that our American cousins refer to the beautiful game as soccer.

Lots to do

Don’t march right through the UK, dawdle a little and take in all the quiet attention to detail that Disney is famous for; like the hand finished blackened smoke stains on the chimney pots, the pretty thatched cottage or the stained glass windows.  If you continue to meander you’ll surely stumble upon Britannia Square which will give you a moments shady tranquility amongst the hustle and bustle.

 Magical ring to it…..

A touch of pure nostalgia is brought by our now rarely seen red telephone boxes; did you know that you can actually ring up these phones?
Pick up your home phone and make someones day at EPCOT even more magical by saying ‘Hello’ direct from the UK –
Right call box – 001 407 827 9861
Left call box – 001 407 827 9862
Centre call box – 001 407 827 9863
When you’re at EPCOT be sure to visit them when you’re passing by; you never know who’s going to be hanging on the other end of the line!!

Although it is unlikely that you’ll be able to convince yourself that you are back on Blighty; due mainly to the glorious Florida heat or the polar air-conditioning, somehow there really is a quaint ‘ye olde  worlde’ feeling to be had here.